The Tiger Den

September 19 - 23

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This edition of The Tiger Den contains:

  • BBES Book Fair Sep 19-23
  • Picture Day - Th Sep 22
  • Th Sep 22 - Late Night Book Fair, PTA Meeting & Guest Speaker - Reading Teachers, Reading Night
  • Testing Updates - MAP Growth Assessments
  • Lunch Reservation Details
  • Important Dates
  • Arrival Reminders - Safety First
  • BBES PTA News & Information:
  1. ASP Registration Extended until M 9/19
  2. Change Game to Vote for the Featured Film for PTA Movie Night F 9/30
  3. PTA Meeting Th 9/22
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BBES Book Fair - September 19-23

It's Book Fair Time!

Visit our school's homepage to get the latest Book Fair news, shop our Online Fair, and more!

Book Fair eWallet

Go cash-free!

New digital payment option for our book fair. Visit our school's fair homepage to create or manage your eWallets.

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Adult Reading Book Donations for the BBES Staff Lending Library:

If you have summer reading books or other adult books you would like to donate to the Teachers/Staff Lending Library. Please feel free to drop off at the office. We have a staff lending libary in the Teachers/Staff Lounge. These can be any adult reading material you would like to pass on.
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Ball's Bluff Elementary

Skip the Order Form

& Pre-order Before Picture Day

Pre-order access will expire

48 hours after picture day


(800)869-9515 x112


MAP Testing in LCPS

LCPS administers NWEA's Map Growth Assessments in Reading and Math each fall, winter, and spring to students in grades 2-8, first grade students in Math, and high school students enrolled in Algebra I and Geometry to determine their instructional readiness level and measure academic growth throughout the school year and from year to year.

The MAP Growth testing schedule began last week and extends to September 23rd.

  • 1st & 5th Grades participated in their MAP Growth Testing last week
  • 4th Gr Reading will be M 9/19 & Math will be on Th 9/22
  • 2nd & 3rd Gr Reading will be on T 9/20
  • 3rd Gr Math will be on W Sep 21
  • 2nd Gr Math will be on Fri Sep 23

MAP Growth tests are adpative, providing a detailed picture of what your student knows and is ready to learn - whether is is on, above, or below grade level expectations. MAP Growth tests also provide immediate and accurate information about your student's learning, enabling teachers to personalize instruction to meet students' needs.

For more information about MAP Growth Tests, visit:

Also, questions can be directed to Ms. Ramos, our assistant principal. She can be reached by email at


How do I makea reservation to have lunch with my child?

Please call the school at least one day in advance to reserve a lunch date with your child.

On the day of your reservation, check in at the main office using your ID. You can meet your child at the cafeteria; but since the class tables are full with the students there are a couple of options for lunch visit locations:

  • There are tables in the hall between the gym and cafeteria, outside the courtyard.
  • There are tables outside in our courtyard area, if the weather is nice.

Due to Safety and Security, children are not allowed to invite a friend(s) while having lunch with their parent/guardian. If parents of different children want to reserve a lunch time so that their children may sit together at one of the locations mentioned above, we can certainly accommodate this, space permitting.

After lunch students should rejoin their classes before they return to their classes with their teachers (either in the cafeteria or in the hall outside the cafeteria). Parent(s) should then return to the office area to sign out before leaving the building.

Important Dates:

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Arrival Reminders - Safety First

Please keep the following in mind each morning for a safe drop off:

  • Drop off begins at 7:40 am when staff on on duty outside to supervise students.
  • If arriving before 7:40 am students should remain in vehicles until staff are on duty.
  • Please pull all the way down the side walk. There is a STOP sign. Do NOT stop in front of the entrance for drop off when there is space for vehicles to move forward. This backs up the line to the traffice lights. We need to keep the line moving.
  • Students should ONLY be let out on the SIDEWALK SIDE.
  • ADULTS should REMAIN in vehicles at all times when in the Drop Off Line.
  • If your child needs assistance please feel free to park and walk your child to the staff member that helps students to cross at the cross walk in front of the school.
  • Students should NOT be dropped off at the median area/parking lot without an adult parking to walk them safely to the staff on duty.
  • Handicapped Parkings Spaces are reserved for those with a DMV Handicap Placard or License Plates ONLY. These spaces should not be used for drop off. There have been times when the handicap space was needed for someone with the placard; but not available. Vehicles in violation can be ticketed by School Resource Officers or Officers on site assisting Crossing Guards.

Your help with a safe drop off is appreciated!

We want all Tigers to arrive safe and ready to learn evey day! Safety first!

Walkers & Dog Reminder

This year we will return to allowing students that go up the hill along Battlefield Parkway to exit from the 4th grade exit doors. All other walkers should exit out the doors closest to the Music Room.

Also there should not be any dogs on the school property at arrivals, dismissals, or during the school day.

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BBES PTA Newsletter Vol. 1

2022-2023 BBES PTA Board

  • President - Gretchen Riemenschneider

  • VP, Programs (educational school programs) - Affie Benson

  • VP, Ways & Means (fundraising efforts) - Molly Bogar

  • Treasurer - Gretchen Holmes

  • Secretary - Ashley Lutz

  • Communications Director - Sarah Payne

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2022-2023 BBES PTA Membership:

Join the PTA before August 25 and be entered into a raffle to win a front row, RESERVED parking space for PTA EVENTS! Individual & Family Memberships are available. Join today!
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