Information and Vacation for Jamaica

Land and Climate

  • Covers 4,244 square miles
  • Has a tropical maritime climate
  • 80% of the land is covered with mountains
  • Rain seasons are May to October
  • Hurricane season is June to November
  • Main climate is 80-90 degrees F (26-32 degrees C)
  • The capital of Jamaica is Kingston
  • Is just smaller then the United States' Connecticut


  • Origin was Arawak Indies
  • The Spanish occupied the island untill 1655
  • By the 17th centry the English established plaintations (sugarcane) and imported slaves from Africa
  • Slavery was abolished in 1838
  • In the 1860's status was updated from colonial possesion to British crown colony
  • Original name was Xaymda (land of wood and water or land of springs)


  • Based on the British model of parliamentary democracy
  • The PNP ( Peoples National Party) and JLP ( Jamaican Labour Party) are major political parties
  • Elections must be held every five years
  • Voting age is 18
  • Parliament consists of an elected House of Representatives with 63 members and 21 senate members
  • Prime Minister is currently PortiaSsimpson-Miller


  • Tourism is a key element in Jamiaca's economy
  • Bauxite is a major export
  • Other important exports are bananas, rum, coffee, and sugar
  • Agriculture employs around 17% of the population
  • Carries a high amount of public debt
  • Poverty still remains a challenge
  • 16% of the total ppopulation lives below the poverty line
  • Currency (currently) is the Jamiacan dollar


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