Jacqueline Woodson

Influenced By Religion And Segregation.

About Jacqueline Woodson

Daughter Of Jack and Mary ann Woodson Her Education was Adelphi University. Her Kid(s) Are Toshi [DAUGHTER] She wrote books that were Influenced By religion And Segregation.

About The book

The Book Was About Woodson's Family and thier story of things Like Slavery And Life, Jaqueline Was Encouraged By Religion And Segergation. The Book Is Based On Her Family Tree. The family Members Learned to Quilt to help other Slaves escape.

Books Writen

.1 Beneath A Moon

.2 Hush

.3 Each Kindness

.4 Brown Girl Dreaming

Total Books Writen: 36 books


Jacqueline Won Many awards here Are A few.

.1 Newberry

.2 Coretta Scott King Award For authors

Sold As A Child.

Jacqueline's Cousin Soonie was sold From thee Virgina Plantation in south Carlonia Without her Mom Or dada. But only with some muslin her Mama Gave her to comfort her. She also recived Two needle From the "Big House" And thread Dyed Red from Berries From A Chokecherry Tree. When she was sold all the Children were Parented by Big mama. The Slave children Grew up And Followed the path By looking At the quilts Leading them to a safe place. When Mathis May Was Seven She was sold Away To another Place. She took A Star from Her moms Blanket And pressed it aginst Her face to feel At home. She Was sewing So Good, That she was making clothes For Everyone in the Big house and The slaves too. She made A path leaded By the Quilts that the People followed.