Extending Rigor to Home

TAG Students, YOU ROCK!

This month fabulous First and Second Graders are learning about the Underground Railroad.

The tenacious Third and Fourth Graders are learning about the American Revolution.

The fun-filled and focused Fifth Graders are learning about the Changes to Georgia's Golden Coast.

RIGOR is our new buzz word in class!

Students ask and answer higher order questions ( what would happen if, how can you do that, how would you feel if?)

Students are recipients of personalized learning

They set goals and monitor their progress on those goals

They do Creative Problem Solving tasks and

Research Based projects

Some examples of Student Work Artifacts!

Parental Homework Task for February 9, 2016

Allow students to explain one of the artifacts above or anything they recently learned in TAG class. You must have your child explain in detail what they learned and write it down and return it to me by way of your child. This helps me to know if the student really understood the task/concept and can effortlessly explain what they learned.

We are Partners!

Therefore, we are responsible for working together on the 3 R's. Rigor, Relevance and Relationships.