Digital Art and Photography

1st Quarter Edition, October 2015

A great first quarter!

It's hard to believe that the first quarter is already behind us! I have been extremely impressed by the work being done by students in the first ever BHS Digital Art and Photography classes. Scroll down for some news and important information!

Project 1: Secret Worlds

As an introductory learning project, students took pictures of various toys, action figures, etc. Students learned basic use of the digital camera and were introduced to Photoshop.

Click here to see more images of the Secret Worlds project.

Project 2: Cubist Collages

Students created their own images inspired by Cubism and Pop Artist David Hockney. Through the project they learned how to arrange multiple images into one picture.

Click here to see more images of the Cubist Collages.

Project 3: Word Pictures

Our current project is inspired by contemporary Iranian artist Sherin Neshat (see photograph below). Students chose pieces of text, like quotes and lyrics, to incorporate into a photograph that gives added meaning to the text. The projects are well under way, so keep an eye out!
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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, 11am-7pm

3581 Center Road

Brunswick, OH

Mr. Hicks is in room 130 behind the west gym.

All teachers will be on lunch from 2:30-3:30.

Moving forward

You might be wondering where we go from here? We will be doing a few more projects, some of which will take a graphic design spin. We will also begin printing images and storing them in a portfolio to document student growth and accomplishments.

If your son or daughter is enjoying the class but is not signed up for level 2 in the spring, encourage them to sign up for it next school year!

I want to hear your story!

If your son or daughter has come home and shared something exciting that happened in class, or showed off their project, I'd love to hear about it!

Just click here to share the story!

(Similarly, if you have any concerns please let me know. I work hard to show respect and care for each student, so if there is anything that you would like me to be aware of, please don't hesitate to contact me through the form or through the email below.)