Grange Hall Gazette

March 16

Happy Birthday!!

Wishing the following Bulldogs a very Happy Birthday!

  • 3/13 - Eliza Locke
  • 3/14 - Mrs. Collins
  • 3/14 - Olivia Monday
  • 3/14 - Hannah Stewart
  • 3/15 - Devin Love
  • 3/16 - Ethan Crown
  • 3/16 - Sophie Radford
  • 3/16 - Mrs. Palczynski

Daily STEAM & Wellness Challenges

Wellness: no technology

  1. Puzzle Relay: Place puzzle pieces at one end of a room or take it outside and place them at one end of your yard. Stand at the other end of the room/yard from the pieces. Run, skip, or jump and retrieve one piece at a time until you have collected all pieces. Once all pieces are collected, race to put the puzzle together. Play with a partner to make the relay quicker or play against someone to see who is faster.

STEAM: technology

  1. Scratch - Let your student code their own interactive story, game, or animation. Not sure where to get started? Start with a tutorial under “Ideas” on Scratch or click here. 5th graders - don’t forget you have your own login to save your projects as you work!

STEAM: non-technology

  1. Can you build a fort using pillows, blankets, towels, chairs, and cushions? After you build your fort, grab a flashlight and create shadow puppets or grab a book and read! Don’t forget engineers always draw and label their plan before building.

Minute to Win It Family Challenges:

Start a game show with your own family! Minute to Win It is a game where contestants take part in a series of 60-second challenges that use objects that are available around your house. So grab your family, have fun together, and maybe keep score throughout the week!

  1. Face the Cookie - Place an oreo on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth without using your hands. Repeat this using 2 cookies.

Donors Choose Projects @ GHES

Are you or do you know someone who is looking for a way to help out our students? Check out the donors choose projects that our teachers and students would like to bring to GHES:

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