Elvir's Final Exam

Elvir Karic

Section 1--Analysis

The Hunger Games was shown, because it incorporated everything we learned during this semester. The Hunger Games involved globalization, migration, cooperation and conflict, exploitation and competition, and power. Globalization happened in the movie with the districts. Each district was responsible for each resource. The districts that the movie focused on the most was district 12 and the capitol. District 12 was the district Katniss Everdeen is from and it was responsible for coal mining. The capitol was the richest and the most luxurious place in Panem. It was also the place where the hunger games happened. Without all the districts providing resources for the Capitol it would not be what it is. The districts do not know though where all the resources that they are working for are going, so the Capitol is controlling them, which also shows power. When all the tributes go into the hunger games they migrate to the Capitol for treatment, to prepare them for what they will be going through. Exploitation and competition were also big “points” in The Hunger Games. Exploitation was something that somewhat often happened in Panem. The people in the districts were exploited, and so were the resources they provided for the Capitol. The resources they worked for were exploited, because the Capitol just took them in the end for their own use. Competition was pretty popular in the districts. The people there competed for food, and to survive. During the hunger games people also competed to win, and to become the next victor. You could also say that Katniss competed with the Capitol when she won. For cooperation and conflict, there is a few things that happened in The Hunger Games. The first was that when all the tributes entered the games they had to team up, or cooperate with other to live, or they would conflict with each other, and they would attempt to kill each other. Katniss, and Peeta, the other tribute from district 12 cooperated with each other to survive. Katniss and Peeta were not always "friendly" with each other, they also had conflicts. In the end Peeta and Katniss were the last ones, but they were not just about to end one or another's lives. This is where the other part of cooperation and conflict come in. Katniss had a plan, and that was to either kill both of them, or to indirectly threaten the Capitol. Peeta had accidentally stumbled upon nightlock, an instantaneous death-causing berry. Peeta gave some to Katniss, and that is when Katniss had caused trouble with the Capitol. There could only be one winner, but Katniss makes it neither or both. The Capitol chose both.

Section 2--Application

In The hunger Games, and in real life things are more similar than a person would think. The movie was non-fiction, but not everything from the movie was fake. In The Hunger Games district 12 was the poorest in all of Panem. People could not afford food meaning they would not survive. Today people all across the world don’t have food, and many people and children don’t survive. This is extremely sad, because in the movie it is realistic, but a movie is just a movie, and it shouldn’t happen in real life. The only difference is that there is people who try to help in the world today, but then again Katniss did the same thing for her family. Katniss’ father died in a coal mine. District 12 is responsible for coal, and men are required from a young age to work in them. Today people die all the time in coal mines, whether they are trapped, or an explosion happens. Either way people die all the time in coal mines in real life and in the hunger games. Illegal activities occur in both The Hunger Games, and in an everyday life in our world. Katniss’ performed illegal activities in the movie, but her act was not as extreme as the things that happen today. Katniss did these activities to feed her family, and to help them survive. Today people do illegal activities for absolutely no reason, and they do not gain anything good from it. The things Katniss did was hunt food by killing animals outside the perimeter. The rule in all the districts is that nobody can cross the perimeter, and Katniss did exactly that. Katniss did what she did with good intentions, and I’m sure most people would do the same thing for their family if they had too.

Section 3--Transfer

The Hunger Games is much more extreme than my life is. I could even say my life is below than average. Just because something is different than what happens to you doesn’t mean there isn’t something relatable. An obvious similarity between my life, and in the movie is that we both have a president. The president in the U.S. is much more fair than in Panem, but in general both have presidents, and they have power. In my life not everybody likes me, but not everybody has to. In the movie Katniss has people that don’t like her, and you could even call them enemies, but some people that dislike her are President Snow, and the other competitors in the hunger games. Eventually, at the end of The Hunger Games President Snow gets to the point where he kills Prim, but President Snow is arrested and found guilty. Competition is something very similar between my life and The Hunger Games. I am a competitive person, and in the movie Katniss is alike. I play soccer on a team, and I always want to win, Katniss was like that in the hunger games, but she was competing for her life. Katniss was not always winning/doing her best, but everyone has something that brings them down. Another similarity between the movie and I is that Katniss would do anything for her family. I would do just about anything for my family as well. There has been times where I would have to protect my brother or help him with something that he coudn't do, like when Katniss volunteered for Prim. Katniss knew Prim wouldn't survive in the games so she stepped in for her. Katniss had a mentor to train her for the hunger games. I have teachers at school to teach me. The only difference is that Katniss was fighting, and I'm just learning.
The Hunger Games - New World Order Agenda Movie
The video writes/tells how life is compared to The Hunger Games today.