Wedding Reception Trends

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Wedding Reception Trends

When it comes to planning a wedding you need to devote time to planning the wedding itself as well as the wedding reception. If you are apprehensive about having to plan everything on your own, or you need a few trendy items for 2016 so your wedding reception will be THE reception to remember, you have come to the right place. Below, there is an entire guide on wedding receptions, and you will find an array of ideas on everything from trendy reception venues, menus, drinks, RSVP cards and much more! If you need help planning your wedding reception you can contact a local wedding venue that can help you plan the perfect wedding reception from start to end.

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A Wedding Reception to Remember!

Wedding Invitations

Invitations are probably one of the top 5 things you will need when it comes to your wedding. The RSVP card will also set the tone for your big day. You can find luxurious stationery made on the best paper available to rustic options to gold foil and custom monograms and so much more. Below, you will find a list of the top 2016 wedding invitation trends.

Envelope Liners: When a guest opens your envelope, if you don’t want the first thing for them to see is that stark white or cream colored or whatever another color of the card is, and you wish to include something cool that will really “pop” when they open an envelope, it might be a good idea to look at liners. Have some fun with your liners; you have a whole slew of choices to choose from such as a white envelope with a sky blue liner or a mossy green card with a liner of flora. You can easily do this yourself, or you can find a wedding card company that offers these options for you.

Sparkles Are In: If you love sparkles, and you are a girly girl, this one would be the option for you. The sparkles can be any color you want, and they can also be added to the card itself to create a sort of theme. For example, a white envelope with a bronze liner in sparkly print. Then your card itself can be faux wood print on the outer edge frame, and then that same bronze sparkle, then the next frame inside can be white with a brown font. It looks kind of cool, and it ties the whole card and the envelope together.

Luxury Sets: If you have always been super specific about your wedding cards from the time you were a little girl till now, you might want to rethink how you want the cards set up. The reason behind this is because a lot more features might be available now than you ever thought possible. You might find something you love! These luxury sets are cards that have been placed into a laser cut pocket. It's really amazing how intricate you can get. For example, a cream card with you and your soon to be husbands name, and then it can be placed in a deep purple, an almost gate like pocket – the top of the card angles downward till the middle of the cards meet. Then it's done up with a small cream bow. The guest will then pull on the bow and “open” the pocket which will reveal your card. These come in all sorts of options; different colored cards, different laser cut pockets, different colored pockets, various bow shapes, colors, and sizes, etc.

Jewel Tone Colored Cards and Envelopes: If you are still stuck on a color for your card and the envelopes/pockets they come in, why not consider jewel tones? These are back in a big way everything from ruby red to purple amethyst to emerald green and more. And the bolder the tone, the better! Even if you don’t just want regular old envelopes, if you wish to try the pocket option above, these jewel tones will still work wonders. For example, white cards with a dark blue jewel tone pocket or a deep emerald green card in a faux wood pocket envelope – these are also great to use for seasonal wedding themes as well. The blue and white is a great look for Winter and the green, and faux wood looks almost like a Christmas tree theme – awesome for Christmas weddings!

Rustic Themed Card Ideas: If you have a rustic theme, and you don’t necessarily want something super frilly or sparkly, there are other options, for example, you can use real wood tags, burlap ties and bows, pine cone trinkets, the above mentioned faux wood envelopes – or they also have these faux wood paper for the cards as well. If you don’t like the whole “wood” theme, you can also find antiqued paper that looks aged.

Monograms: Monograms are back in, and the great thing about monograms is that they aren’t just to be used for your actual cards; they can be used on


things wedding-like including cocktail napkins, wedding cakes, decorations and more. And you can do this in an elegant way.
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Pairing Drinks and Food

Food is good separately – drinks are good separately, but in many instances, the people that create these wines, liquors and spirits do so with food pairing in mind. In fact, they might even include certain aromas or ingredients in their spirits that pair with the foods they designed for you to eat them with. For example, you would probably never serve chilled vodka with oysters or seafood right? Well, funny enough these two things go together quite well. Or how about a tequila bar with Tex-Mex appetizers? These go together quite well too! Below are a few food and wine pairings you might want to include in your menu – even if these are not ON the menu, they can be added as a sort of pre-opener to the actual meal as appetizers as a bar or tasting table. Its fun, it will get people into the mood for your next meal and it’s a great way to hold people over until dinner.

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- Manhattans and Asian BBQ Sliders

- Micheladas and Nachos with green onion, red onion, pulled pork, jalapenos and more!

- French 75's and Cheesy pull apart bread with sautéed green ions – Yum!!!

- Riesling wine and Spicy crab hush puppies

Shiraz wine and Stilton sirloin sliders

- Blood Orange Mojitos and Fried Oysters

- Pale Ale and meat pies

- Pilsner and steamed mussels

The list truly goes on and on and while there are SOME fast rules to pairings, in a lot of cases it’s just about what tastes good with what foods.

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Wedding Menus and Food

If you think your wedding reception is not all about the food, you are sorely mistaken because it is! Guests will remember the openers and closers of your wedding reception, and that includes all things food. Some options that are trending right now regarding menus, food, meals and drinks are included below:

- Longer Cocktail Hour: As mentioned above, you can have cocktails, beer, wine hard liquor or whatever else you want, but you can/should also be adding food pairings to those drinks. Well, a longer cocktail hour entails all of these things. You can create many low-cost menu pairing items with your spirits that when paired, become like refined foods. For example, taco bars – doesn’t seem too fancy right? But, once you add those mojitos or Micheladas in, it becomes a whole different world, and your guests will WANT to sit back, relax, converse and drink a little more.

DIY Bars: Another popular option is these DIY bars. For example, if you live in a location where the seafood and shellfish are super fresh you might want to consider something like a create your ceviche bar where you can add extras like mango and papaya chunks, cilantro, grilled corn, avocado, red onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, etc. This way there isn’t necessarily a set appetizer, it is whatever the guests want it to be. If you have an, even more, grand reception, you can also do something like a cool caviar bar with 3 or 4 different kinds of caviar and then various accouterments like chopped egg, capers, sour cream, red or green onions and blinis with toast points. Again, the list goes on; taco bar, mashed potato bar (cheddar cheese, sour cream, green onions, bacon, etc), pasta bar (3-4 different kinds of pasta, 3-4 different types of sauces, different veggies raw and sautéed, 2 various types of breads, etc), nacho bar (black beans, 2-3 different cheeses, black olives, jalapenos, cilantro, 2-3 different kinds of onions, tomatoes, lettuce, guac, etc).

Pulled Meats: Another popular option for 2016 is pulled meats, this can range from pulled pork to pulled slow roasted pork to beef and anything else between. You can do this as is and make it as a meal or an app or you can add in bread or other accompaniments for example, for the slow cooked pulled pork you could do something like slider buns, cheese, etc. and do slow cooked Asian pork sliders. You can even do something like a pot roast. Another idea is to use these pulled stations for things like mini taco shells with different salsas, bok choy, kimchee, pickled radishes, etc.

As you can see here, your reception IS all about food and your guests will expect to see both traditional and unique items available to them. Other foodie items to think about regarding styles:

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Stylish Dinners

Chances are not everyone cooks like a Chef when they are at home, so why not get a Chef to cook for them at your reception and really WOW them. Options like perfectly prepared and cooked filet mignon, surf and turf, perfectly paired poultry dishes and more.

- Multi-Cultural Menus: If you are Italian and you’re soon to be husband is Persian, why not include a few food items from each culture to the menu? This is an excellent way to honor your heritage, plus it’s a great way for your guests to possibly try something different than they usually would.

- Comfort side dishes: Things like macaroni and cheese, black truffle creamed spinach, garlic mashed potatoes and risotto shouldn’t be counted out either. Make sure that you include some “comfort food” sides to each meal.

- The Bacon Trend: Another attractive addition to an app menu for a reception is anything bacon; bacon covered in chocolate, bacon wrapped scallops, bacon mashed potatoes, bacon wrapped veggies, and bacon flavored ice cream and more.

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Food Based Wedding Favors

- Don’t do the same old same old wedding favor that has been done a million times before. If you want something trendy and cool consider food favors for example; macaroons in a clear plastic box with a ribbon or homemade BBQ sauce using a custom made label with you and your husbands name on it, bride and groom caramel apples – each one dressed in a tuxedo and a wedding dress made from white, milk and dark chocolate or personalized iced heart cookies with your initial and your husband's initial on it. So many ideas you can come up with that are food-centric!

While a wedding can be stressful to plan, the reception doesn’t have to be as stressful, it can actually be fun, it can be exciting and you can either do it yourself, get your friends and family to help or hire a wedding planner to do everything for you. Just make sure that you have fun planning it and that you somehow include a piece of your personality and you’re soon to be husbands personality into the reception somehow. It’s going to be more memorable not only for your guests but you when you look back on it years from now!

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