Principal Weekly Wrap Up

April 11, 2016

OAP Mission Statement:

To provide a collaborative learning community that prepares students for the future.

My Goals:

To have a safe place for all of us to be able to speak on tough topics and be aware of our own biases with clarity and deep compassion for students, parents, our community and each other.

To get us focused and to bring clarity to our systems by creating our "This is how we do business at Peterson handbook" by May 2016.

Campus Instructional Focus (A.K.A. POP): Our Goal

After an analysis of campus data, we found that faculty and staff need to effectively use PLCs so that students will have clarity as to what they need to know and what they must be able to do with their learning in order to achieve personal growth in all content areas.

Theory of Action:

  • Provide the foundational purpose of the why behind PLCs.

    • Teachers will use PLCs as the primary strategy for improving the instructional culture of Peterson Elementary through:

      • Looking at student and teacher work;

      • Designing quality common formative assessments (CFAs)

      • Reviewing and responding to data.

  • Guiding Questions: What does an authentic and collaborative PLC look like? How does data, student work, and student feedback validate the effectiveness of PLCs? What professional development is needed to ensure that all staff members understand what learning targets, authentic learnings tasks, and collaborative PLCs look like?

    Good evening bus riders, April 11th has been declared I Love My School Day.

    Please be willing to tweet out, post on facebook or email out #LOVEMYSCHOOLDAY examples. Feel free to encourage students and parents to share out as well. I will be tweeting throughout the day.

    I hope all of you are making gains on your personal goal written to yourself on March 25th. I am still working on my personal goal, however, I am excited about the progress that I am making and look forward to sharing what I have accomplished soon. Enjoy your evening, Joy Tremain

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    Current status of campus transformational tasks:

    New Business:

    Campus Team Building- April 21st (Painting event- POC: Mary Mock)

    Book list for PTA- Please have your wish list ready of titles you wish to purchase. PTA has not given me a vendor yet. It's on the agenda for the PTA meeting on Tuesday.

    How we do business Handbook- On track to complete and share with all of you in May during a staff meeting.

    Old Business:

    Assessing of grade level/departments- Anchor charts are hanging in the PLC room (former location of Star Teachers). How are things going to move your team forward? Teams will reassess in April.

    Eportfolios- our goal is to have all students with an electronic portfolio. Primary grades, Seesaw is acceptable, as students get older, their Seesaw can be linked to eportfolios. I am working on a personal an eportfolio and a digital data wall.

    Real World example of Reviewing and Responding to Data: Quick PLC update and campus examples

    Quick PLC update survey data based on our Campus Instructional Focus:

    Reviewing and responding to data- 90.5%

    Collaborative Planning- 71.4%

    Review Student Work- 61.9%

    Review Historic Data, Share Ideas and Use Protocols- 52.4%

    Examples of reviewing and responding to behavior/academic data will be showcased from staff members on April 22nd during our campus PD.

    Article/Blog/Resources Worth Reviewing:

    Journal Writing- Week 24

    Deliberate Optimism: Can we model what we are asking of our students? Reflective thinking and capturing our thoughts on paper.

    Please join me this week in reflecting on the following question and/or task: How are you doing with your personal letter written to yourself on March 25th? Are you on track to accomplish your goal?

    Gallery Walk: Rock Stars of Peterson

    April 4th-8th, 2016

    If you have observed someone on campus exhibiting our mission statement and would like for them to receive Rock Star status, please email me

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    Review Classroom Expectations This Week

    Reiterate Being Kind, Respectful and Responsible

    Encourage students to share moments of Kindness received or given

    Stay in the know by reading the NISD news feed each week.

    Twitter Account: Please tag photos @OAPetersonElem. We will continue to use #oapelem

    Please use @OAPetersonElem, this is our new account. The old account is closed.