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I would like to introduce you to Ms. uller -Williams. She has been a teacher for 16 years. She attended Alcorn State University .Her most embarrassing teaching moment was when she twisted her leg in the classroom during a lecture. Her favorite thing about Hazlehurst Middle School is her loveable students.


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The Hazlehurst Middle School football team just completed a winning season with 4 wins and 2 loses. Coach Mason said that the boys played well this season and that he was proud of their accomplishments.

Dear Abby

I have this friend that is making some poor choices regarding school. I really like her as a person and I want to continue to be her friend but I do not agree with what she is doing. What do you suggest I do?


Don't want to lose my friend,

I think......that you and your friends have known each other long enough to have a one on one heart to heart. In the end I think all will end well.


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