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TEACHERS-BEST bargain on planet-givin' lotsa love on low pay

Children's Books Are For Everyone

Children's books can isolate and teach almost any concept, including math and science, in the most entertaining way. Teenagers still enjoy pictures! They will think what you are teaching them is easy, when, in fact, you have imparted broad or difficult knowledge about a topic.

Miscellaneous, Mentormob, and Copyright

  • JOIN Cardwell Faculty Book Club for DL credit--up to 6 credits.

  • RESEARCH: Research is a 21st generation series of skills. Big 6 is the district model. Students need to use databases to gather quality information. Flexible Access=come any time. NetTrekker>Google (most of the time). Research is a process for which there is no shortcut.
  • iPads-10 available for use in the library. Check one out for the weekend to discover apps. Go to the purchase store to see what is available.

Collaboration is a major portion of a librarian's evaluation. Librarians are expected to co-teach. Without you, I am not doing my job.