Owl Smore Project

Josh, Devin, Lydeyia, Tessa

Greater Scooty Owl

Scientific Name: Tyto tenebricosa

Strictly Nocturnal. Hides during the daytime in crevices, hollow tree trunks, dense foliage of tall trees, and sometimes caves.

The Sooty Owl is a powerful hunter and takes some remarkably big prey, a high proportion being arboreal.

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The original pellet, before the dissection.
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Taking apart the pellet.
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Two of the larger skulls found within the pellet.
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Our large collection of bones, ready for assembly.
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Finished bone note card.
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Owl Links

A website providing basic information about owl anatomy and behavior


A website with a few fun facts about owls.


Exam Questions

An owl regurgitates 5% of the energy absorbed by eating a mouse. The mouse ate grass that carried 5400 units of energy. How much energy remains in the owl?

A. 27

B. 51.3

C. 54

D. 55.7

What is an owl pellet?

A. The scientific term for owl fecal matter.

B. Regurgitated bones and fur from a recent meal.

C. An owl's defense mechanism against food borne illness.

D. A major part of an owl's nest.