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January 2016 Edition

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Explore Engineering and so much more at UCC

Every winter, Umpqua Community College hosts a free dinner and meeting place for middle school students, high school students and their parents to find out more about UCC programs with bridges to great careers. This year, forestry is added to the Feb. 11 lineup that also includes engineering, surveying, computing and computer science. Don't miss it!

Oregon Promise tuition offer open through March 1

Members of the Class of 2016 have until March 1 to apply for a grant that can cover all or part of their community college tuition costs. This is a sterling opportunity that each and every Oregon student should explore. Find out more here.

Douglas County schools expand programs through CTE grants

Supporters of the DCPSS mission were enthused to learn that a series of Career-Technical Education grants will expand horizons for Douglas County students getting practical experience that would give them a better chance at landing high-wage, high-demand jobs. See both stories below.

Artistic innovation as a bond and lubricant

Find out how the arts fit in with science, technology, engineering and mathematics and why we chose to make it the Umpqua Valley STEAM, not STEM Hub.