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January 2016

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year! I love the fresh start that you feel with the New Year. I love the idea of setting a word or phrase for you new year. In 2015 my word was “opportunity”. I was very careful to make the most of the opportunities that were presented to me and it was good year! My word this year is Faith! Faith over fear! Faith in the process; whether that be in my business or in my school. I have learned that it is not my faith that makes me free. It is the faith of Christ!

This year I have set three resolutions, if you want to call them that. One of them is that I will get up on school days before my children. We have never needed to set a clock, my boys get up early because they go to bed early and it all works out great. Every book on article I read says successful people get up early and have time to prepare for their day. This is in homeschool articles, and articles about success in business. So now that we are through the get up in the night with babies stage and we are mostly past the crawl in bed and cuddle Mommy stage, it is time. So I will use this time to read my Bible and plan my day. This is going to be tough for me. But I do believe that one little change could make a difference in the story of my 2016. What one little change could you make that would change your story?

I have also agreed to participate in a fitness challenge. This is VERY outside my comfort zone. It is a 90 day challenge and it includes, exercise, diet, using oils and supplements. Coach Ellen Combrink is ready to lead this Terrafit Challenge. I invite you to join in and I have included the link below. To participate you must join by January 4. If I can do it then truly anyone can. In this challenge you can even win cash prizes! See the link below.

doTERRA has lots of nice things in store for us this month! Lime is product of the month so it is free with any $125 loyalty reward order on or before the 15th of December. Also, they have EXTENDED the frankincense special until the 15th so bump that order to 200 pv and receive FREE frankincense. Slim and Sassy Softgels are 10% off for January for all of you with goals that include supporting your metabolic systems. Last of all doTERRA is running a particularly nice enrollment special. If you have any friends that have been thinking of enrolling, tell them to talk with me about how they can get 100 pv in free product and a free frankincense by the 15th of this month!

Happy New Year! I pray that on December 31, 2016 you have an amazing story to tell. One that is full of love, joy, and good health.

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Click the link below to learn more about the TERRAfit Challenge. Our team is Mission FitPossible. Do you choose to accept this mission?

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