Mrs.Myers' Weekly Newsletter

1/11/16- 1/15/16

Notes from Mrs.Myers


I hope everyone had a restful weekend and is refreshed for a FULL week of learning! It's going to be a busy one and the key is going to be lots of rest and review. :)

I hope that everyone got a chance to look at last week's "I Can" Self-Assessments. As I walked around, it seemed pretty true to what I was noticing in class, with even a few students popping up on my radar that I missed during the lesson. It was the perfect opportunity to pause for a moment and re-explain it to make sure that nothing was slipping past us! If you notice that your student has a lot of yellow on one standard, we are going to start reviewing those yellow standards in the morning during morning work time. This week's "I Can" Self-Assessment is ready to go with a rich list of things we are covering this week! Make sure to take a look at it tonight to see what we are covering in the most specific words! :)

Report cards come out this Friday! In the report card folders will be last year's Milestones Score Report. Please look through the information provided with the Milestones Score Report because it is our expectation that promotion this year in 4th grade will be based on passing each domain of the Milestones Assessment that is coming up in April!

Below are some other miscellaneous announcements for this upcoming week! :)

- Mrs.Myers

Other Announcements and What We are Covering This Week

Science Fair Update (for those participating) from Mrs.Bradley

Science Fair News

I can’t wait to see your projects!! Let me know if you need anything to prepare your board or if you have any questions!

Projects are due –

January 11 – 5th Grade

January 12 – 4th Grade

January 13 – 3rd Grade

Please bring your projects to the STEAM LAB

between 7:45 – 8:15 am on the date listed above.

Make sure your name and teacher’s name are on the BACK of your board and in the back of your science fair log.

Students will share their projects with judges and other students during specials on January 14.

Students will be able to share their projects with parents on January 21 from 6:30-7:15pm. Winners will be announced at 7:15pm.

Book Clubs 3rd 9 Weeks

3rd 9 Weeks Book Clubs will be focused on analyzing informational texts! Therefore, please make sure that in addition to some fictional novels and texts, that your child is reading at least one informational (non-fiction) text per week! Our grade level made the decision to work on informational texts in guided reading groups in place of literature circles due to some weaknesses on tests and district assessments. Since informational writing is going to become more and more prevalent, we are going to spend this quarter reading informational passages and analyzing them in groups in class. Plus, I will be assigning one non-fiction text per week with a few basic questions!

Topics We Are Covering

Reading: Theme and Patterns of Events in Cultural Texts

Mentor Sentence: Pronouns vs. Proper Nouns

Writing: Informational Writing (Guided)

Grammar: Prepositional Phrases

Science: Sound

Math: Multiplying fractions

Word Work: per- and auto- prefixes

Mentor Text: Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson (If you would like to pick up a copy for your child to read along with us during this time, it is a great way to keep engaged and excited about our mentor text! We read a little aloud every day!)

Here is a great link to find the book for cheap! :

Tests and Quizes


  • Sound Open-Note Daily Grade
  • Multiplying Fractions Daily Grade


  • Word Work Daily Grade

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