Cougar Weekly

Week of November 12-16, 2018

Shout Outs

Dia de los Muertos

Thank You to everyone for making this year's Dia de los Muertos celebration awesome! If you took any pictures, please send them my way. A special thank you from World Languages to Ms. Villareal, Ms. Moore, Ms. Lane, Ms. Coro, Mr. Hare, Ms. de la Torre, Ms. LaFosse, Veronica and our custodial staff, and everyone who participated in the SEL lesson on Thursday. It is time to start planning for next year! If you or your organization want to participate, feel free to shoot me a message.

Thank You!

This Week's Calendar

Monday 11/12/18

  • A
  • Senior Meeting during Advisory

Tuesday 11/13/18

  • B
  • Meet the Cougar- Boy's Basketball (530/7PM)
  • All City Guitar
  • Lady Cougar Basketball: @Bastrop (530/630/745)
  • CAC (530-630PM)
  • PTSA (630-730PM)


  • A
  • Texas Thespian Conference in Grapevine, TX
  • All City Guitar
  • Costa Rica Trip Meeting (630PM Morales)


  • B
  • Lady Cougar Basketball: Varsity Crockett Tournament
  • Texas Thespian Conference in Grapevine, TX
  • Construction Technology Press Release (10AM)


  • A
  • Staff Self- Care at the Salon (730-1030AM- First come, first served)
  • Lady Cougar Basketball: Varsity Crockett Tournament
  • Texas Thespian Conference in Grapevine, TX
  • Create FIT Sessions for Next Week/ Check FIT Duty
  • No Announced Observations


  • Lady Cougar Basketball: Varsity Crockett Tournament
  • Texas Thespian Conference in Grapevine, TX

Action Items

Professional Learning Exchange Days- Professional Staff

As a reminder, Professional Learning Exchange Days are Jan. 2 and May 29. We will not have school these days.

Please do the following to ensure you get credit for your Professional Learning:

  • Review the attached PLED Guidelines
  • Review the HCP PD Opportunities
  • Ensure that you have 3 hours Whole Child, 3 hours Technology, and 6 electives hours to equal 12 hours total.
  • Complete your PLED form (see attached).
  • Attach documentation from your PD to the PLED form
  • Turn the form into your appraiser.
  • The last day the form will be accepted is March 31, 2019.

FIT Sessions


You must create FIT sessions in the portal if you are not on FIT duty. We will be checking to see if FIT sessions are created because our students need access to learning during this time. Create your FIT session by the end of the day Friday for the upcoming week.

The announcement regarding the Cafeteria being closed is below:

In order to promote the safety and academic success of all students at Crockett High School, starting today, the cafeteria will no longer be open during FIT. All students are expected to be in a classroom with a teacher receiving tutoring or doing study hall during FIT. FIT is a closed period, and students are not allowed to be in the hallways or bathrooms during this time.

Thank you for all of your hard work, and have a great Crockett Friday!

Make sure your Gradebooks are Correct

As a reminder, the following is our SBG Policy



Gradebook Structure

  • 80% , 10%, and 10% category split

    • 80% Power Standard

    • 10% Daily Work

    • 10% Organization/Interactive Notebook/Binder

  • 80% grades are all based on power standards assessed with a scaled rubric

  • Assignments names will include a verbal description of the Power Standard

Grading Timelines

  • Minimum of one grade entered in gradebook per week and minimum of six grades entered in gradebook per 6-weeks

  • Minimum of three 80% grades per 6-weeks. 80% grades need to be entered in the grade book the Monday before the 6-weeks grading period ends to allow students time to redo work during the final week of the 6-weeks grading period. Grades cannot go down after this point.

  • 80% Assessments can be assigned and due the final week of the 6-weeks. HOWEVER, they MUST be put into the next 6-week grading period.


  • Students can only retake assignments if the original assignment was completed and turned in on time (unless students are out for an excused absence), exceptions can be made if students fill out an appeal form and submit it to the teacher

  • If students are out for an excused absence on an assignment due date, assignments need to be turned in within two class periods after they return back to class.

  • If students retake and score lower, students keep the higher of two grades.

  • Redo work not done within a 6-weeks must be completed by progress report time of the next 6-weeks.

Fall Final Exemptions

Hey Coogs-

We are beginning to allow our students to complete the Fall Final Exemption forms (Signed and due to teacher 12/10). The form requires that students have met their campus obligations to the programs in which they are involved.


  • If you have an obligation for your course or program that has not been met, enter the student information in the CHS Obligation List Fall 2018. Please enter this information by Friday, 11/16/18.

  • If you have a student requesting an exemption, review the CHS Obligation List Fall 2018 to ensure that they do not have an unmet obligation to another teacher.
    • You can easily find the student by using the Control+F on a PC, orCommand+F on a Mac. This is a shortcut for the find command.
    • Type the student name and find them in seconds

As a reminder:

There will be NO exemptions for End of Course Exams (Fall Only), OnRamps and ACC dual credit courses. All other courses are eligible for exemptions.

Please share this form with the students in your advisories. They can get this form directly from their teachers. The form is attached and can be found in BLEND under CHS Important Information.

Monthly Activity Account Reconciliation

Activity Sponsors,

Please begin setting up a 15-30 minute time slot for us to meet this week to reconcile September and October by sending me a calendar invite for the date/time you would like to reconcile ♥

All deposit receipts for October will be in your boxes today ♥

We will begin on Tuesday, 11/13/2018 and all accounts will need to be reconciled no later than Friday, 11/16/2018.

Lilliana Trevino

Accounting Tech II

FAFSA Completion

Teachers -

I need your help!

The Texas State Government recently changed the financial aid filing deadline for grant aid eligibility. While in previous years, students had until March 15th to submit their FAFSA/TASFA, the deadline for the class of 2019 has been moved up two months to January 15th. If students do not file their FAFSA or TASFA prior to the January 15th deadline, they will literally be ineligible for the largest state grant program, which gives up to $5,000 a year to low-income students.

Currently only 26% of our senior class has submitted their financial aid application. And even though January still seems like a long time away, it is going to creep up quickly. Please reach out to your seniors and stress the importance of applying for financial aid as early as possible - preferably over Thanksgiving break when they will be home with their parents. They can apply online at If they want help, I am available to work with students and/or parents individually to complete their applications or answer questions. We will also be having a second Financial Aid Workshop the week after we return from break, on November 28th.

See email for a list of seniors in the top 50% of their class who, to my knowledge, have NOT submitted a FAFSA or TASFA. If you would like info on a particular student or your class/sport roster, please let me know. Any help you can provide in encouraging students to apply would be much appreciated!

Hour of Code

Crockett Staff,

AISD is continuing to join the global movement to reach hundreds of millions of students and teachers to encourage them to just try “an Hour of Coding” during the week December 3 - 9 or before. Last year, over 400 million students tried the Hour of Code.

The Hour of Code (HOC2018) is a one-hour introductory course designed to demystify computer science and show that anybody can learn the basics of computer programming. Our district’s goal this year is to have students take part in grade level specific activities. You may access additional information via the Hour of Code tile at

If you and your students plan on participating in this year’s Hour of Code learning, please click HERE to complete a short survey.

Thank you for all of you do to support our students!

Karen Guerrero

Help Needed- Life Skills

Greetings Crockett Campus,

We are currently in the process of replacing our broken washing machine in Life Skills.

If you may have a washing machine to donate for our classroom, please contact me via email. We are looking to replace as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Chelsea Caldwell

Life Skills Teacher

Information Items

Restricted Personal Leave


This is a reminder that the use of discretionary Personal Leave next to an official school holiday is prohibited by AISD policy, DEC. Friday, November 16, and Monday, November 26, are 2 of the several days that Discretionary Personal Leave may NOT be used in the 2018-19 school year.

Thank you.

Diane Carrizales


PRIDE Walks will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 27 and Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018 with a Late Start review on Thursday, Nov. 29. The majority of the 51 people who responded to the survey voted to keep the same schedule through conferences visiting your own PRIDE.

I am going to update the schedule and send a more efficient protocol via email. Please look for this in your inbox.

NOTE: If you are going to be out for any reason on 11/27 or 11/28, please email Jordan Benson directly ASAP.

Learning Walks-

Tuesday, 11/27

Wednesday, 11/28


Thursday, 11/29

Thank you,


December STAAR EOC Re-tests (December 3-7, 2018)

Please be prepared for students to be out of your class for December STAAR EOC Re-tests. The schedule is below. There is more information to follow.


Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018


Monday- English I

Tuesday- Algebra I

Wednesday- English II

Thursday- Biology and US History

Friday- Make-ups

Finals Week- 12/17-12/20

Friday 12/14

No Student Sharing

Schedule TBD


Periods 1/2


Periods 5/6


Periods 3/4


Periods 7/8

Attendance Recovery

Crockett Faculty and Staff,

We are continuing to meet with students and assign attendance hours for lost credits. Students have several ways to make up hours:

  1. Twilight School -
    • starts October 16th,
    • in the library,
    • Tuesday through Thursday,
    • from 4:30-6:30
  2. Saturday School -
    • October 20, 27, November 3, 24, December 1, 8, and 15,
    • in the library,
    • from 9:00-12:00
  3. With the teacher -
    • Must be in a class where they have fallen below 90% (for current semester hours), or
    • Must be in a current core class (for previous semester hours)

Please ask any of the administrators if you have questions.


Tiffany Ysasi-Farris, M.Ed.

Accounts and Monies

Crockett Staff,

A few reminders regarding accounts:

  • Thank you for submitting all Fundraisers, PR’s, PAR’s, and check requests 3 weeks in advance. Lilly will now be stamping all paperwork with a “Received” date, and my approval signature will now also have a date. This is to be transparent regarding the timeline and status of your requests as they are approved.
  • All paperwork should include an account balance or the request will be not approved at that time.
  • All money must be accepted and receipted personally by you as the account sponsor. Lilly and the other ladies in the front office cannot accept this money, and it should not be placed in your mail box. Please schedule appropriate times with parents and students when you will be available to follow the receipt process.
  • Lilly has shared her outlook calendar with the campus. Please schedule appointments or drop by during times that she is shown as being available.

Thank you for helping us keep our accounts in compliance! We appreciate the time that you have dedicated to support students in this way, and are continuously looking for ways to make this more efficient for all involved.

Shana King

Assistant Principal- Cohort 2022

Teachers can help students with lost passwords

Good Morning Crockett Teachers,

If you haven't already noticed, the district has added some new features to your teacher portal that will allow you to easily help your students with forgotten passwords. When you open your portal find the PROFILES button on the top left menu. When you open it you can change your own password easily but there is a new tab called MY STUDENTS. When you open this you should see your entire roster along with their email addresses and default passwords. If you highlight on a particular student you can reset their login password to their old default password, allowing them to access their account. Encourage them to make a new password once they are in.

Also, there is an option to generate QR Codes for each student. This creates an image they can put in their phone that allows them to simply scan from the login page to open their account. This option is turned off by default but can be turned on by Sarah Dille if you decide you would like any of your students to have this option. I am a little reluctant myself (for security reasons) but this could be used in other ways perhaps? I used QR codes a lot while travelling in Europe this past summer so I am a big fan of the convenience but still not sure if this would be a good idea with high school student account logins. (Maybe a discussion is in order about this idea)

If you need any assistance or would like a demonstration please feel free to drop by room 201.

Roger Morgan

Computer Science/Entrepreneurship Facilitator/

Campus Webmaster

Need a DVD Drive?

We now have 15 portable DVD writers available for checkout to teachers. You may have noticed that your new teacher computers do not have built in DVD drives - so if you need one, come check one out. Since we only have 15, it's best if they are checked out as needed.


Claudia Gibson, MLS


Poinsettia Time

Order your BEAUTIFUL Holiday Poinsettias NOW!

We have LARGE plants on sale now!

They are bigger than the "big box store" plants and cheaper at only $11

PLUS you are supporting the Tex-Ann dance team!

See any Tex-Ann, Mrs. J or Miss Caldwell to place your order.

We have red, pink or white!

Delivery will be the first week of December !

On sale now through November 14th!

We're on a Paper Diet

Crockett Campus,

We recently put in an order for 50 cases of paper. Usually, this would last until December. Unfortunately, most of that paper has already been used. Please put anything you can on BLEND and make classroom sets if you can. We will have to have the remaining of this order last until Christmas break. Remember, we are on a paper diet in this budget crisis and need for you to make copies sparingly.

Cap 10K

Hello Team CHS,

Join us on our winning streak for the largest and second fastest HS team. Don't worry if you don't run - walking and jogging is also encouraged. You can do it!

Current registration cost for school teams is $20, but will start to increase soon. Here is the link to join and encourage students to join - Our goal is to register one to two students per adult. We can do it! Just be sure to select Crockett HS and carefully select t-shirt sizes as changes cannot be made during packet pick-up.

Always Victorious!

Crockett Design

Faculty and Staff,

Do you need any new flyers for this 6 weeks? Maybe you would like to give an old logo a modern twist. If so, fill out a design request form today!

We’ve successfully completed 7 design requests for the school and person projects teachers are working on! So let us know how we can design, develop, and create your vision.

Please remember our class meets 1st Period only so we ask that you are flexible with the timeframe of your design request.

Design Request Form:

Benefits Available to you

Cougar Family-

We want to educate/remind you that Employee Assistance Program is available 24/7.

Employee Assistance offers the following and is confidential:

  • Daily Life Assistance (adoption, child care, summer programs, etc.)
  • Legal Services
  • Financial Services
  • Identity Theft Services
  • Counseling sessions are available face to face , by phone or tele video.
    • AISD Staff has up to 4 Free Professional Counseling Sessions per issue per year…. plus other benefits. (see attachment)
    • No copays or deductibles
    • 1-800-962-9480

This is a great resource available to you!

Cougar Chatter

Cougar Athletics

Lady Cougar Basketball Tournament (November 15-17)

I wanted to remind everyone that we will be hosting our varsity girls’ tournament in the main gym next week - November 15-17. Games will run from 9am-7pm daily. I have attached the schedule. If I have forgotten to include anyone in this reminder, please let me know. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know about those as well.

Thank you,

Jennifer Shuttlesworth

Big picture

Lady Cougar Basketball Schedule 2018-2019

Big picture

Basketball 2018-2019

Good Morning,

Tryouts were held this past Friday evening and the rosters for the upcoming basketball season have been made.

Please meet your '18-'19 Cougar Nation Hoop Squad!

Freshmen A

Niraj Adhikari

Christopher Alvarado

Andrew Bonetello

Joel Francis

James Harper

X'Zavier Jones

Amear Marshall

Matthew Mendez

Andre Smith

Gustavo Villanueva

Freshmen B

Jousha Andrade

Erwin Garcia

Anthony Hernandez-Garcia

Joshua Morales

Jonathan Palacio

Devin Pedraza Souza

Zephyr Reback

Sutton Stevens

Max Nagle

Joaquin Gonzalez


Adam Gonzalez

Adonis Gilley

Angel Mendez

Carson Reece

Dominic Flores

Issaac Woods

Jose Velesquez

Josiah Harros

Marcel West

Michael Newton

Xavier Chappa


Alejandro Garcia

Brant Byers

Carloz Ramirez

David Gonzales

Diamante Johnson

JaRayl Peoples

Jayden Caballero

Joe Garcia

Juan Camacho

Karam Zawaideh

Matthew Abel

Messiah Moss

Nathaniel Ramos

Patrick Ray

Please congratulate these athletes on making the teams as we had over 60 students at tryouts on Friday. If you have ANY issues with anyone listed above, academic or behavioral, please let Coach Davis, Coach Tomlinson or myself know.

Candace Thomas

Algebra I / Boys Basketball

Boy's Basketball Schedule 2018-2019

Big picture