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December 4, 2014


We are all very excited to meet the little guy!

Our Apps Really Do Change People's Lives

Jay Shawana (Facebook): "Just finished my 5k program today! Am very happy to say I am currently down 33lbs!!! Now on to 10k!"
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Trivia: How Many Coffee Capsules Fit In the Plastic Container?

Whoever guesses correctly gets a special coffee made by Amie!
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Here's What Our Users Are Saying :

"This is by far the best app. Thanks for creating it!"

- Althea Brizan (Support, 5K Runner)

"I'm using your 10km pacer app and loving it. Each week my pace has improved and today I was running at my best average pace EVER"

- Cathy Hull (Facebook)

"I completed week 4! I must say this is the most running I have ever done. It has me motivated to keep going. This is a great app!! Looking forward to my first 5k."

- Patricia Stewart (Facebook)

"All I want to say is please keep this app forever and DO NOT change it or do anything to it! It's perfect... It's just such a good tool for anyone in any type of biz/ school / college whatever it will make your life easier trust me! Worth every penny! It's just plain PERFECT!!!"

- Yaz Motors (Super Note, App Store)

"I did it! I ran my first ever 5K race! This app really works and helped me so much! I never thought I could do it!"

- Facebook

"I just finished the 5K program! Slow as a turtle through peanut butter, but I FINISHED! I couldn't even run 35 seconds before, let alone 35 minutes! Thanks, 5K!"

- Pam Geranen Harper (Facebook)

"And I love it! They are always adding and undating to continuously make the app fun and improving it. The sounds are great, there are many to choose from. The sleep timer is how I go to sleep at night. I've gotten 2 more people to use the app and they love it too!"

- Happymama8901 (Sleep Pillow, App Store)

Throw Back Thursday.. guess who?!

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