Reno's Weekly News

Week of October 19 - October 23

Happenings this Week!!!!

10/19-Homework packet sent home!

10/20 -

10/21- Library books Due!

10/22- Wear that Brickie Gear!


October 19 - October 23

Here is are the helpful links you can go to...

Brain Pop Jr.

Username: libertyjr

Password: brainpop

Our Reading Series:

Our Math Series:

up and running, please check this sight out!


We will be reading two stories and talking about them in detail over the course of the week. Each student will be taking home a packet of homework to complete over the week, it will be sent home Monday and due back Thursday!

Our goals for Reading:

Spelling Words: short o, blends with l, -ock : on, got, fox, pop, not, hop

The students will be given a pre spelling test on Monday. If your child passes pretest, Thursday they will get to take the Words to know for their spelling test (no grade).

Words to Know: Vocabulary test words : her, she, now, today, our, would

Strategies: Define words

Target Skills for reading: Sequence of events

Stories for this week: A Musical DAy (Realistic Fiction) and Drums (informational text)


Students will be visualizing and writing about something they love and also why. Capitals, punctuation, stretching out words and finger spaces.

Our weekly unit, we will be reading the story I Love Animals by Flora McDonnell.

Please continue to encourage their writing at home! Encourage your child to write more than one sentence to talk about what they are thinking.


Our goals for the week are

3.1 - Extending visual patterns

3.2 - Even and Odd number Patterns

Thursday we will be playing some new math games to practice skills.


We have snack daily please remember to send a healthy snack for your child to enjoy!


Please check your child's color and initial after you read with your child for ten to fifteen minutes.

October started Book It forms... Read fifteen minutes every night and color in chart. At the end of the month your child will get a free personal pizza!

Please empty and check all papers nightly from folder!

If you have not done so, please sign up for remind and receive one way text with important information.

Also, classdojo as I will be posting positive and negative choices your child makes throughout the day. You can also text me through classdojo and I am able to respond quickly to any questions.