Romeo & Juliet

Who was to blame for the death of Romeo & Juliet

Who to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death

Even though Sir Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris, Juliet is already married to Romeo which causes her to fake her own death.Sir Capulet told her to marry Paris on Thursday or never speak to him again. So Juliet fakes her own death.Text to support explanation:”Hang thee, young baggage! disobedient wretch! I tell thee what: get thee to church o’ Thursday, Or never after look me in the face” (Act: III Scene: V)Explanation of how text is significant to your position:It explains that if Juliet doesn’t come to the church, he never wants to see her again. So that makes her want to fake her own death which causes them to both die.Even though that Sir Capulet planned everything on Thursday, he told Juliet after everything was planned out.Well you gone: o’ Thursday be it, then...Prepare her, wife, against this wedding day. (Act: III Scene: IV )Explanation of how text is significant to your position: The quote explains that Sir Capulet planned everything before telling Juliet. If he would have told her before, the wedding could have been off but it’s already planned. If it wasn’t planned Sir Capulet might have been ok fine. But since it’s already planned he had no choice but to force her. Juliet faked her death because she did not want to marry Paris, like before she wouldn't have faked her own death because she wasn’t forced to.

Daisy and Miller loved each other very much

They were married and together for along time

But Daisy's father did not know they were married as such.

Daisy's father hated Miller because he committed a crime.

A boy asked Daisy's father if he can marry Daisy

Daisy's father said yes and then he arranged a marriage on Tuesday the next week.

The father told Daisy to marry someone named Teddy

Daisy said that she was married to Miller.

His father said why did you lie.

Next week they had to be executed

The day came and they died.

Daisy and Miller by Jose (Poem)

The poem explains that Daisy and Miller wanted to be together but their father wouldn't allow it and then they died. Like in Romeo and Juliet Sir Capulet told Juliet to marry Paris or leave, later on Romeo and Juliet took their own lives.
Titanic - Official Trailer [1997]

Titanic (Movie)

Titanic is similar to Romeo and Juliet because Rose and Jack loved each other but in the end Jack dies which breaks their love apart. Like in Romeo and Juliet