Kansas City Chiefs

What's In A Name?

Team Information

Country: U.S.

State: Kansas

City: Kansas City

Longitude/Latitude: 39 degrees North, 94 degrees West

Region: Midwest

Language: English

Facts: Population 147,268

Third Largest City

Features: Green Hills


Big Mountains

Team Mascot Information

Team Mascot: Warpaint K.C. Wolf

The Mascot Cultures The Region: The Midwest has lots of mountains. Wolves howl at the top of those big mountains at the full moon.


The Team Established: 1958

The Team's Founder: Lamar Hunt

Why He Chose This Location: Because it was Hunt's hometown

Does The Mascot connect to the history of the region: Yes.


Name of stadium: Arrowhead stadium

Why: The top of the stadium was shaped like an arrowhead

Has this stadium ever had another name: No

Why has there been this shift in naming of stadiums: Since there are names of teams for states, there needs to be names of stadiums for states.