Rainbow Crow

Lenni Lenape Legend by Erin Pitt


The Creator had invented ice and snow. Because of dying crops and the harsh weather, the creatures of the world could not handle the cold. Wise Owl volunteered Rainbow Crow with the beautiful multicolored feathers and lovely voice to go ask the Creator to make a counter weather for the cold. The Creator gave Rainbow Bird a stick with fire on one end to melt the snow with. When Rainbow bird returned, his body had changed to black from coming too close to the sun and catching on fire. His voice was reduced to a "caw". The snow agreed to stay on the mountaintop and return only for the season of winter. Rainbow Crow was remembered as a hero for bringing summer to the world.

3 facts:

•The Rainbow Crow saved the world from an endless winter.

•The Crow lost everything he loved about himself to put others needs before his own.

•Wise Owl must've thought Rainbow Crow was special, because he sent him on the journey to retrieve summer.

2 things that make the story a Folk Tale

•The story of The Rainbow Crow teaches the moral of being brave even if it will cost you in the end. If it does, you will still be remembered as a hero.

•The Crow has human triats such as wisdom and faith.