Occupational Therapist for Child

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Tips to Select the Best Occupational Therapist for Your Child

If your child is suffering from Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder, it is important to take all the necessary precautions to make them feel better and active. Occupational therapy is a treatment which stimulates the child’s brain and makes him more active. If you are in search of an occupational specialist in Dubai, you should be careful. Because hiring an occupational therapist for your child is a very important decision and you have to take utmost care while hiring. Here are some tips that will help you in the process.

Provide One To One Treatment

The occupational therapy is not something that can be done in groups. Each kid will be having a different kind of therapy requirement and it is the responsibility of the occupational specialist Dubai to give personalized treatment to each kid. He/ she should provide individual treatment and if the specialist fails to do that then you can just keep on searching for the one who provides the one to one treatment.

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Parents Involvement in the Treatment

This is another important thing. You have to make sure that the specialist spends a lot of time with you talking about your children’s progress. Just spending five minutes after the session isn’t going to do anything well. It is important to spend a good amount of time with you too to understand the requirements of child and the progress that the child has been making since the therapy. So ask for the specialist about the time that he/ she will be providing you with the therapy.

Changing of Documents Post Treatment

Usually, the paperwork that will be done before the start of occupational therapy clinic Dubai is similar to every child. But the specialists usually change the paperwork and documentation after the examination of the child. You should ask your specialist about this and know whether they change the documentation or not. Because if the therapist does not change it, then there are high chances of him/ her not giving a personalized treatment for each kid.

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The Child’s Happiness

The occupational therapy should be designed in a way that the children should feel like they are playing a game and nothing more than that. If they understand that it is some sort of treatment, they may even feel depressed too. This is why most of the occupational therapy clinics Dubai are designed to look like play zones. If the child cries in the session or after the session, it is not at all a good sign.

Listens to What You Say

An occupational therapist must be a good listener first. You can understand about how good listener the therapist is from the first session itself as you will be talking to them first. He should know about everything that you say and understand the problems. These are some of the basic common things that you have to know before opting for therapy.