Westwood Middle School

Moving Information December 2021

Westwood Families-

The time has come! We are all excited to start 2022 in our new building. It has been a long anticipated wait and we could not be more thrilled to welcome our students back on January 3, 2022.

The first week back, students will be adjusting to their new surroundings and getting used to the "new building smell," they will also need to get accustomed to new lockers and the layout of the building. This would also be a good time to replenish school supplies.

A few new things:

  • All students will be receiving a new schedule (no changes except room numbers) and a map of the new building on Thursday December 16th.
  • All students will be REQUIRED to use their assigned locker upon their return. Coats and book bags will be kept in the lockers during the day.
  • Masks will be optional for all students.

Drop Off/ Pick Up

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This is a new building with new routes, Your patience is critical, especially the first few days and weeks.

1. Please do not plan to arrive earlier than 7:00 for drop off in the morning. Afternoon pick-up will be at the same location as drop off.

2. Car riders can ONLY ENTER at Adelbert, at the current Westwood Middle School entrance. You can not enter for drop off or pickup using Griswold. See map below.

3. Once in the lot, please drop your student and leave. Please do not wait in your car.

4. Bus riders only will be dropped on the South side of the building and enter through the Middle School entrance.( Staff will be on sight to help direct students)

5. Car riders will be dropped on the North side of the building and enter through the elementary doors. (Staff will be on sight to help direct students)

6. Doors open at 7:25 am. Any student who arrives after 7:30 must enter through the Middle School main office ( South side) and sign in.

We appreciate your help in keeping our students safe.

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December Calendar Changes

Calendar Change: Westwood Campus Students Only

  • There will be an adjustment to the school calendar in December for the students of Westwood Elementary and Westwood Middle schools only.
  • The new Westwood Campus will open its doors to students on Monday, Jan. 3.
  • To clear the way for both schools to be moved over Winter break, students will learn from home on Monday, Dec. 20, through Thursday, Dec. 23.
  • This calendar change only impacts students of Westwood Elementary School and Westwood Middle School.
  • Teachers will provide students with assignments to complete independently from home on Monday, Dec. 20, through Thursday, Dec. 23. These assignments will not require Internet service to be completed. Your student’s teachers will provide information on when the assignments are due and how they will be graded.
  • While students are learning from home, teachers and school staff will be engaged in preparations for the move. They will not be providing lessons during these days; students will work independently from home on their assignments.
  • Winter break begins for students on Friday, Dec. 24. Classes will resume on Monday, Jan. 3, at the NEW Westwood Campus.

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