Arlene Soto Gardea

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  • My work with the Student Sierra Coalition Club
  • AP Environmental science
  • Racquetball Camp and tournaments
  • Choir
  • Theater


Founded in 1991, the Sierra Student Coalition (SSC) is a broad network of high school and college-aged youth from across the country working for just, sustainable communities and the protection of the environment. The SSC is the youth-led chapter of the Sierra Club, the nation's oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization.

Preserve Castner Range Landscape Petition Drive

Along with my teammates, we asked our classmates to support us by signing a letter to Barack Obama concerning Castner Range to be considered a national Monument.
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National Literacy Day
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I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet Neysa Hardin. She is smart, experienced, and always had my best interests at heart. Every time we talked about an issue or considered a plan, she wanted to know the action that I was going to take–and how soon.

I know that what success I have had has occurred, in large part, because of the support of Hardin. I also want the privileged to be mentor a number of other people. I yearn to convey the support I have received on to others in need. It can be very rewarding, but it helps to have a clear understanding of the roles of both people in the mentor relationship.

Government Essay Workshop

Received help from The Chamizal National Memorial to build a format for our Government essays. On this program, we received information about the Hispanic Access Foundation and how we can apply.

Rio Bosque Wetlands

AP Environmental Science field Trip

We explored and learned about the history of the Rio Bosque Wetland, as well as all the plants and animals that live there.

We were given an assignment, while we walked trough the wetlands, we had to take pictures of plants and animals. Later on we created a map and attached the pictures with some questions that we answered concerning the wildlife at the Rio Bosque Wetlands.

Interactive Google Map

In this assignment I learned how to create and work with Google Maps. With the help of my teacher, she taught me how pictures could be added in any location of your map. I Believe that being able to create this type of Maps is an important skill because being able to digitally map what type and animals are in certain areas, it may help tourist and Park Rangers find with more precision what they want to see

AP Environmental Science Assignment

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Racquetball is a racquet sport played with a hollow rubber ball in an indoor or outdoor court. Unlike most racquet sports, such as tennis and badminton, there is no net to hit the ball over, and, unlike squash, no tin (out of bounds area at the bottom of front wall) to hit the ball above. Also, the court's walls, floor, and ceiling are legal playing surfaces, with the exception of court-specific designated hinders being out-of-bounds.
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Racquetball National 2015 Tournament

Choir Concert

Music is a major part of how I express my artistic self. I participated in Choir since I was in fourth grade. It is amazing how much my voice has changed thanks to my choir teachers. Being in touch with my artistic self gives me a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.
Arlene Gardea- choir concert

Americas High School play

Enchanted forest

The story is based on your basic classical fairy tails, a princess and a Prince, the evil witch trying to separate them, the talking animals, the ogres try to eat the princess. But their is a change in the story that no one expects, The evil witch gets old of a ancient spell that will summon zombies. its not until she cast the spell that the zombies turn out to be dancing zombies instead of evil zombies.

This was the first time that I was casted as the villain of the story. It was fun to act as an evil character and create my own evil laugh.

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Vino Nuevo El Paso Christmas play

Obra Navideña Vino Nuevo