All about me

By Garrett J

My Famliy

My mom works during the day after she drops me off at school. My mom works in Sherman, Texas in a warehouse. My mom leaves at 7:00 she comes back at 5:00. I have to go to YMCA until my mom picks me up. My mom's name is Kelly. My dad works in Plano his name is Chad. Chad plays with me, we play Minecraft , Sim City 4 and 5 , City skylines and plants vs zombies garden warefare. My dads mom is Judy she is 70 years old, and she is my grandma. My dog is 1 years old, he is 7 in dog years. He is a puppy, he likes to play with us. When we were at the pet store they had a Lab for only $100. I said I want it! I want it! My mom said yes and that's how I got my dog :) His name is Dekota.


I like to play Minecraft on XBOX, building blocks, drawing maps, and building Legos and I like to play video games.

My Goals

My goal is to try to get all A's and move on to forth grade. My other goals are going to Las Vegas going to Washington DC.


I am interested in Model Trains, playing soccer, playing basketball, shooting bb guns, shooting nerf guns, drawing maps, drawing city's, playing board games.

Funny Memorys

I was in my grandma's house we were playing a card game. They had penny's in the game. I was playing with my grandma and my great great grandma what happend was my great great grandma drop a penny and it rolled all around the table and then it landed right on the bullsye and every body was dieing laughing for about an hour. this happend in 2014. One time I got a new nerf gun for my birthday on that night we played cops and robbers I was a cop and my dad was a robber. He was hiding around the shed I found him I shot is back.