Globalization in the world.


Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views products ideas and other aspects of culture.

Shoes from Vietnam

A map of Vietnam showing its coastline and major cites can help you picture why lots of stuff is made there and shipped from there.

Globalization in the culture

Culture in globalization is the spread of culture throughout the world as different people see the rest of the worlds views and beliefs and adopt the beliefs as there own and the spread of a country's names products so there culture is being spread around the world.

Problem: We spread our culture making everyone like us so that countries wanting to keep their culture get mad at us resulting in terrorists and radical is lams not believing in our ways.

Solution: We could just stop spreading our ways and government and culture across the world for our profit so fast and stop trying to make the world like us. A organization could go and talk to the companies and try to get them to stop going and changing other countries culture.

Vietnam resources and trade.

The picture below shows most of Vietnams trade routes and were my product went to and was shipped from to get to me through other counties not just straight from Vietnam.
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Helpful youtube video.

Globalization explained (by explainity®)
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How my product got to me

From looking at a population map the highest population is in can tho and da nang and also halphong. From looking at the map you also see the highest population points are on the ocean were there are jobs and good chances to ship stuff across the world in globalization. They get the supplies to make my product from other countries then in factories they construct the shoes and then ship it across seas to america were the brand sells the shoes to people.

How globalization affects my life

Globalization affects my in many ways. Almost everything I have has been shipped and made from a different country. also the country that shipped it to me had resources shipped to it from a different countries as well. So my shoes were from Vietnam they were made there and shipped from there but Vietnam had to get the resources to make the shoes from a different country. When i buy thee shoes I am paying the people who made it shipped it got thee resources for it and for the resources them selves. So without globalization i would not have a lot of the stuff I have and life would be a lot harder.