Walk In Kindness

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

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One ripple of kindness can go on to create a large wave!

Promoting Kindness Throughout the District

Students in each school are learning the importance of doing random acts of kindness for others in an age appropriate way. They have all been challenged to complete several acts of kindness. The idea behind it came from our Lawrence High School Student Government & District Administrators whose goal was to use the March 14th Walk Outs around the country as a way of remembering the lives lost in Parkland, Florida and calling each of us to act in kindness.

Lawrence High School

On Wednesday, March 14, students gathered voluntarily in the Lawrence High School gymnasium at 10:00 AM for 17 minutes. Each member of the LHS community was given a custom-made sticker with the No. 17 on it. Two rings - the burgundy and silver school colors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High - encircles the blue and gold of the Lawrence High Tornadoes. Students were asked to of perform 17 acts of kindness. Senior Class Secretary Dayris Beltran spoke first about the tragedy in Florida. Next, History Club President Jackie Bluydoy laid out student plans going forward. There was also a 'moment of respect' as Student Government Association Vice President sang "American the Beautiful "to honor the lost and the living." Hundreds of participants wore the burgundy and silver of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in support. A symbolic walk around the school track mixed students and staff as planned. Students who didn’t take part were allowed to go to the school library. Acts of kindness will be recorded on punch cards. Seniors who turn 18 by December 31, 2018 will be given an opportunity to register to vote. "These horrific tragedies leave students feeling vulnerable, powerless. Registering to vote, and performing acts of kindness can help restore a sense of lost agency to our youth in a cooperative, nonpartisan way," explained Dr. Stephen Sullivan, veteran social studies teacher and longtime SGA advisor.

“This is a big issue, the kids who were killed were our age, and a few students know people there,” said senior Dayris Beltran. “This is something we easily can be a part of. We want to use this to make a difference."

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Lawrence Middle School

On March 14th, students worked on activities that were reflective of positive core values and acts of kindness. Students pledged to engage in 17 random acts of kindness. They received pledge cards to keep track of the number of acts of kindness completed. They also engaged in group discussions, writings activities, and creating posters related to 17 values such as teamwork, loyalty, empathy, honesty, and caring, just to name a few.

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Students were provided with apples and leaves to write kind words based upon the list of 17 characteristics that were posted on their classroom door. These were then used to create our "Kindness Tree" that is on display in the lobby of our building.
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During class, the technology teacher had students write their name on a Wordle. Then, students did a gallery walk around the classroom and wrote one or two kind things about the person whose name was on the screen. Following the activity, students were able to customize their design by formatting the words into a shape of their choice and changing the colors. Below are some of the finished products.
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Lawrence Elementary School

Our school motto this year has been to “Choose Kind.” Each day we remind our learners that they are in control of their actions and only they can choose to be kind. On Wednesday we challenged our learners to do 17 acts of kindness. Different classes took on the challenge in various ways. One third grade class were Secret Kindness Agents and went undercover and placed kind messages on the lockers of LMS students. Other classes wrote KINDNESS acrostic poems. Teachers and learners recognized many of the kind acts that the children did for one another, and those children’s names were announced on the loudspeaker.

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Lawrence Primary School

You're never too young to spread kindness! Our Primary School students are being encouraged to show kindness to those around them. They are learning a lot about kindness by reading books, writing their own stories about being kind, and helping their friends.
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Lawrence Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood classes are working towards completing 17 Acts of Kindness. They are doing 1 Act of Kindness every day for 17 school days. Every class at the ECC was given a poster with 17 bubbles to fill in when they complete an Act of Kindness. They will celebrate their good deeds on April 17th (17 school days from March 14th) with a school wide assembly and reading “What Does it Mean to Be Kind,” by Rana DiOrio.