Modern Texas

WW1,Great Depression,WW2


The US joined in later,after the war started. many people had a hate for Germans (and Germany ) due to the Germans shooting down submarines carrying US citizens. Due to the hate of Germans the US made many changed and bans. for example,changing food names to be more american like. Texas played a inportant part in the war,they trained the citizens for the army to fight in the war. the end of the war was when the germs and everyone c=surrended and said to stop fighting.

Pictures for WW1

great depression

many prices dropped in cotton,cattle and oil. farmer's crops were dropping in price,they were over cropping causing the dust bowls. many prices were dropping as things became cheeper and cheeper. economic things became worse and worse in harbot hoover's presidentcy. FDR won the election for new president,he helped the contry with its problems, like dropping prices. the New Deal was to fix the problems in the great depression. .

great depression pictures


there was many texans in the US army. many women faught in the war also. they participated in non fighting roles. the home frount started patrols using airplanes to check for bombings. there was also food rations. the war ended when hitler committed suicide. shortly after germans surrender.