Evaluating the United States

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Declaration of Independence


The Declaration of Independence created big moments for the United States. I’m supporting this because The Declaration of Independence was originally published in July 1776, and basically gave the thirteen colonies freedom from being under Britain’s rule. It also stated that all people are created equal. Meaning that you should treat people as you want them to treat you. I’m not the only one who thought this was a good idea though. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, John Adams, and Robert R. Livingston all thought It was a good idea because they are the authors of the Declaration of Independence.

Congress is a big reason it was written because it is the country that picked the committee and sent it to John Adams who was in Massachusetts, Roger Sherman who was in Connecticut, Benjamin Franklin who was in Pennsylvania, Robert Livingston who was in New York and Thomas Jefferson who was in Virginia. Without all these guys signing it Congress wouldn't've gotten what they wanted but in the end it turned out good for everyone! In Conclusion, the defining moment came for the new colonies on July 2 when the Declaration of Independence was passed getting them out from under Great Britain’s rule. We celebrate it today on July 4th as the birthday of our nation.

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The Cold War

The Cold war not only affect the Soviet Union, but the United States too. Well, The cold war managed to affect almost every country somehow. It left the United States to fight the Soviet Union in 1947. The Cold War was mainly a state of war between countries often started by threats, propaganda, and espionage.

The Cold war affected the United States in so many different ways. For example, Americans were living in fear. The threat of nuclear warfare put everyone on alert. Even school kids practiced what to do incase of a bombing. The US tried to gain allies with other nations to try to diffuse the threat of a nuclear bombing. In conclusion, by gaining support from other nations, and forming the Mutual Assured Destruction Policy, the US was able to managing the treat and defer an all out war.

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The Great Depression

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The Great Depression affected almost everyone in the United States. It took jobs away from workers, the banks failed and the stock market crashed. People in the United States whose jobs have been taking away from them were fighting back against the government. They made signs to protest saying how they want their jobs back and how it isn’t fair. People were affected mainly because without working they couldn’t afford food for their families or houses. That’s why it’s called The Great Depression, everyone was depressed, stressed, scared, and angry. They didn’t know what they could do or if anyone was willing to help them.

The unemployment rate kept rising with people spending little or no money. President Roosevelt tried to reverse the effects of the Great Depression by passing a bunch of acts called The New Deal. However, it wasn’t until World War II that the American economy turned around when industry was sent into high gear with the production of warfare.

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The New Deal

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The New Deal had so many people involved to make it happen but, President Roosevelt was the biggest influence out of them all. He designed and created The New Deal to help people after The Great Depression. The Great Depression caused a lot of people to lose there jobs so he thought he could create something to help them back on their feet again. What would’ve happened if we didn’t have the new law? It impacted the United States so much by giving money back to the banks for they can reopen, helped farmers and factory workers by giving them fair labor laws on hours and wages, and Lastly created the Housing Authority which developed communities for low class destruction.

Today, many New Deal programs remain active showing how helpful The New Deal really is. The Federal Housing Administration is an example of a program that we still use today. The Federal Housing Administration allows standards for construction and insures loans to the banks so that the banks will get repaid. In conclusion, the New Deal was created by President Roosevelt to help the American people after the Great Depression. It was to provide relief for the poor who were unemployed, boost the economy back to normal, and reform the banks so there was not another depression.