Falling into Fall with GE

Noteworthy Notes for October 2015

Fall into Fall

Pumpkins, leaves, popcorn and cooler weather...oh my! Fall is here and it brings many activities for all. By now you are well into your first quarter and getting ready for a Fall Break, parent-teacher conferences, report cards, fundraisers, and countless extra-curricular activities.

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Tips for Practice #1

Practice #1 Educators and learners model desired behaviors and attitudes such as those set forth in the Life Principles and the Eight Expectations for Living.

  • Give yourself a neck-up check-up each morning.

  • Think of yourself as a facilitator and coach.
  • Model how you want students to behave.
  • Be at the door as students arrive modeling the Magic Triad.
  • Speak to each student with sincere, positive dialogue.
  • Expect a “Great Day” each day, and do everything in your power to make it happen.
  • Post a Life Principle on the board each week. Teacher and students all make the effort to focus on that one Life Principle during the week. Post all Life Principles in your classroom. Display Life Principal(s) in the hallways, principal’s office, locker room, cafeteria….
  • Be a constant example.
  • Model behaviors and attitudes in the hallway and in conferences as well as in the classroom.
  • Model exemplary behavior during assemblies. If students are to have their eyes on the speaker and to suspend conversation, then that must also be the teachers’ conduct.
  • Make Life Principles and Eight Expectations for Living part of bell work.
  • Connect desired behavior and attitudes to vocabulary words.

Points to Ponder for Practice #1

Have you posted and are you using quotes, the 8 Expectations, Life Principles, and your creed in daily dialogue with students? Use these elements to build student understanding and internalization.

Have you communicated the desired outcomes to all learners? Help learners to take ownership through goal-setting and self-evaluation of their strengths and needs.

Remember that positive dialogue promotes the idea that mistakes are okay and mistakes provide opportunities for learning.

Developing GRIT with Life Principles

Life Principle: Attitude
Definition: A feeling or emotion to a fact.
Related Quote: "I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you.. We are in charge of our attitudes."- Charles Swindoll
Related Fable: The Gardener and His Dog (P:65)*
Literature Connection: The Hat by Jan Brett
Bravo, Livingstone Mouse by Pamela Edwards

Life Principle: Courage
Definition: Strength to act even when afraid or uncertain
Related Quote: "With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity." - Mark Twain
Related Fable: The Lobster and the Crab (L:8)*
Literature Connection: All Stuck Up by Linda Haywood
Goggles by Ezra Keats
Will You Forgive Me? by S. Grindley and P. Dann

*Fable Reference
L = Fables by Arnold Lobel
P = Aesop’s Fables by Jerry Pinkney
Y = A Sip of Aesop by Jan Yolen

Quotes for Educators

October is Popcorn Month

Fire Prevention Week - October 4 - 10, 2015

Columbus Day - October 12

Fall Break - October 15-16 (varies by district)

Boss's Day - October 16

Halloween - October 31

Daylight Savings Time - November 1 (FALL BACK)

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