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Burlesque show is something which has so often been presented in the popular culture that probably every reader of this article has heard of some sort of a place or a person connected to this entertaining activity. In general, the burlesque shows, which are performed on the stages of today's dance floors, usually incorporate skimpy dressed girls who perform a raunchy, naughty show while dancing to seductive music, but there are many variations to this basic concept and they hugely depend on the performer(s), and their/her style or the location. From Gypsy Rose Lee and Lili St. Cyr to modern global stars, such as Dita Von Teese, burlesque has captivated millions of viewers from all over the world, and this exciting method of dancing and performance is nowadays accepted by the general populace and it doesn't have a taboo status, which it often wore like a stigma in the past. People now go to a burlesque show like they would go to a theater or any other similar performance, and modifications to the old concept are constantly being introduced.

Burlesque in Melbourne

Melbourne is a very open city, famous for its cultural and historical achievements, and with a long tradition of different performances and entertainments. Burlesque is just one of those shows, but Melbourne has taken a slightly modified approach to this topic and it offers something that not a lot of other places can deliver. Burlesque Melbourne cruises are something that is exclusive only to this city, and it can even be said that these floating naughty shows are a symbol of this place, among the rest of the famous symbols, of course. What burlesque Melbourne cruises offer to tourists and local people is the chance to enjoy a top-quality show in a pretty unique way – slowly gliding up or down the Yarrariver on a boat with all the services and features of a five-star hotel. Those cruise boats usually offer different arrangements as well, like corporate cruises, wedding venues and similar stuff, but on special nights they organize a show with dancers, which usually makes even the most demanding customers extremely happy and satisfied.

What to expect from a burlesque cruise in Melbourne?

Great variety of themes and beautiful girls with supreme dancing abilities will blow your mind once you watch them for the first time, but the elements of the passing scenery and the enjoyment that a smooth ride through the city like Melbourne can have are also very important part of the whole experience. When it comes to themes, most burlesque Melbourne shows will provide you with a good selection, but most of them offer “traditional” nights, such as Moulin Rouge, Great Gatsby or Tiki Parties, and elements that are reminiscent of the 1920s era and the age of gangsters. Anyhow, all of them will provide a fun night with a lot of excitement and frivolity, and all of you who enjoy a taste of decadence, cabaret and slightly wicked comedy, make a reservation for a burlesque Melbourne cruise.

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