Kyari Thomas


July 5, 1999 - March 23, 2010

I was one of Kyari Thomas' closest friends. It is such an honor to be able to stand in front of you all and tell you what a great person she was. It hurts me deeply to know that she is no longer with us, but the last moments I spent with her were amazing. Not only was Kyari very friendly, but she also was very giving as well.
Kyari was a straight A student who loved to spend her time staying after school with her friends. Every now-and-then you could find her in her room writing poetry and drawing.

Kyari was apart of the school's band and she played soccer for her church. She loved playing the drums and guitar, which is why she joined band. She started playing soccer because everyone thought she would be great at it. She was MVP for 2 years straight and then she stopped. Me and her were super close and she always told me how much she cared for me. Anything I had a problem with I was never afraid to tell her. She also trusted me with all her secrets.

The last day I got to hang out with Kyari me and her listened to music and danced around like there was no tomorrow. She didn't seem like she had a care in the world. I knew she wasn't okay that day though. She always thanked me for keeping her going and told me about how much happier she had gotten. Without her I wouldn't be the way I am today.

Everyone person Kyari came in contact with she made them as happy as can be. Even if she wasn't as happy as she could be, she made sure everyone around her was just as happy. She may not be with us, but she would want us all to remember her for the good times and not to blame ourselves for what happened. She loved us all and she would want us to go back to how we used to be when she was here.