3 Things I Enjoy

By Hailee Poland


I enjoy camping because I get to spend time with my family and I enjoy being outside. We took our camper to Colorado last summer and it was a lot of fun. Another fun thing about camping is the bonfires late at night. We also cook meals over the fire and they always taste way better than in the oven. My family is going camping multiple times this summer and I can't wait to go.


My favorite sport is soccer and I really enjoy playing it. I play defender which is my favorite position. I play for Cardinal Attack and have played on this team since kindergarten and am the only one from the original team still playing for it. The energy and rush of excitement that I get playing on the field with me team is also why I love soccer. I want to keep expanding my ability in soccer and play in high school for Treynor.

Silver Keg Feeders 4-H

I am part of the SKF 4-H club and I love it. West fair is my favorite part of summer because you get to make and present projects, show animals, and make new friends and hang out with your friends. I have two rabbits and a calf that I will be showing at West Fair this year. Along with the apple pie baking contest and photography. I want to one day be a leader of the club and be really involved with 4-H. We do a lot of service projects like recently we adopted part of Highway 92 and so we pick up the trash along side the road twice a year. I love being a part of this group and can't wait to grow even more and expand my learning through 4-H.