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Some Are Born To Poke Their Nose!

Everybody will agree with me on this fact that there are some people on this planet who love poking their nose in other’s life every now and then. If I had to give an example for it that the perfect example would be nagging girlfriends. You can also take the example of the regulators who truly and strongly believe their work is to regulate some product under some or the other category but sometimes they overlook few minor details which lead to a disaster. To explain this point with a recent example, smokeless cigarettes which has been widely recognized as a consumer product is perhaps going to categorize under tobacco products. Yes you herded it right.

Moreover users who are considered as a king are not at all considered here because the regulators are overlooking their statements. I also believe that electronic cigarette is better in many ways that the regular tobacco cigarettes and as it provides you with an opportunity to control the nicotine intake depending upon the person’s wish and determination. Moreover I guess there is no study that has proved that vapor cigarette as dangerous device and still FDA is confused with the little facts. Notwithstanding these things, everyday regulators are proposing or announcing some new regulations to put it under tough restrictions as per an e cigarette reviews website.

One thing I am not able to understand and that is why regulators are not considering customer’s point of view and just seeing the other side of picture. There are various best e cig brands that are available in the market that could really help the customer to live a smoke free life. Electronic cigarette review websites and forums are full of customer’s ideas on vapor cigs which is easily accessible for everyone. I think these points should also be emphasized and taken care of while reaching some decision which will affect users worldwide.