Overcoming Objections

And Filling Your Calendar!!

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What objections are you hearing??

You have been reaching out, but have been hearing some objections....

I have been reading Jessica's new book and what I have taken away from it is that you truly can change the way you look at things by just having a positive mindset. Also by YOU having a positive mindset it then carries over to your potential hostesses and helps put the date on the calendar.

This week is going to be all about how you can move forward and past these objections, and if you get one not letting it bog you down. There are ebbs and flows as being a Stella & Dot stylist and the ones that are the most successful, are the ones who understand this and move with the tide.

What steps do you need to take to overcome these objections get the dates on the books and also keep a positive outlook??? They are super simple.

1) Have a goal of how many trunk shows you want to book each month
2) Build a list of your potential hostesses
3) Keep track of all the potential hostesses you reach out to and their response
4) Keep track of how you warmed them up and their responses when your followed up two times after the warm up

That's it!! You will see when you reach out to 10 w with a warm up , and 2 strikes your out follow up.... you will book 1. This easy math will then in turn change your positive mindset. It truly is just numbers, and only you can prove it to yourself by keeping this log.

Stay tuned each day for objections and how to overcome them with some fun surprises along the way. It is going to be a FUN week!