Be Safe!

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All About Smoking

Smoking is useless because it can kill you. That is why you should not smoke and you spend money on stuff you don’t need and that is why you are a little poor and you should know better because you have kids and smoke is bad for kids so don’t smoke. Why do want to smoke any ways you can get cancer and then you might die and your kids what are they going to do without you and you need to be there for them so show me that you guys are going to stop smoking and start being there for your kids where they can have a life to just like you but don’t give up on them that is really easy ok so trust yourself where you can have a life with your kids so be happy and help them be safe.
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Say No To D.R.U.G.S

Sometimes I just feel sorry for kids because they get abused by parents because they are taking drugs. Where it takes over you where you can’t stop it but when you stop you better not get near the bad people or you might get back to it for all your kids stop drugs where you can spend time with them I will never say this but you love your kids so go out there and say no to drugs and walk away that will be the best for your kids. And you should never sneak out because what if you had a kid what would you do? I would go to the counselor and where you can go is the martha petea where you can be safe for your kids.

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About Smoking

.Smoking can really hurt you it can kill you so stay away from though people or they will make you take smoking again so stay away from though people or you will die because they will get you to smoke again so for me for your kids stay away or else they will find you where you have to smoke they will make sure that you smoke every single day but then they get away where you can call the cops so stay away from though people for your kids to protect them.


DO not do drugs.