Andy Griffiths

Early life

Andy Griffiths was born in Melbourne, Australia on September the 3rd 1961. He had 2 younger sisters named Susan and Julie. The schools he went to were Pascoe Vale P.S (1968-1969),Eastmont.P.S(1970-1973),Yarra Valley Grammar(1974-1979) and Monash University(BA Hons Eng Lit 1980-1984)

Jobs before author

He used to be a taxi driver,english teacher and lead singer/songwriter for a variety of crazy punk bands.When eventually he became an english teacher he met a lot of students who thought books were boring and he started writing little stories to make them laugh and appreciate that reading can be a lot of fun.The first book published was "Just Tricking" in 1997 when he was 35 years old.

About being an author

He was introduced to Terry by a publisher who thought Terry's drawings would suit his stories and it worked. Andy wrote 34 books in his lifetime. The newest book he's going to write is the 65 storey-treehouse. The newest book already published was the 52 storey-treehouse.

By Jessica and Simran