Basketball is benefitial to you!

Why you should play basketball!

Mind and Health


Basketball helps your mind with problem solving by using strategies and using all your brain cells. You loose brain cells everyday and basketball is the way to stop that.


Basketball benefits your health because it is one of the most hard working sport there is. Basketball works out your cardiovascular and muscular system. It also can strengthin your hand eye cordination.


Basketball helps you with your strength because when you push the ball down your using your muscles to push it down and when you keep on you gain your muscle. It is like when you are swimming when you have to kick you build up your strength in your legs.

Basketball Pictures

Basketball is guarnteed to help you in almost every way possible. Why dont you try it. Everyone else is!

Join basketball today

Basketball sign-ups are almost everywhere. The rec center, a league, or at the school. If you are horrible it is okay you can do anything that you set your mind to just trust god in the strength that he provides you.

Contact your rec center today

The Roanoke rec center provides you with everything you need to be succesful in basketball.