LHR Monday Memo

November 16, 2015

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Rather Junior High...Home of the BEST STUDENTS and TEACHERS in Texas!


Mon, 11/16 - Lockdown drill in afternoon (see page 12 of Teacher Handbook)

Tue, 11/17 - Department Meetings @ Conference Pd (Data Analysis Reports)

Tue, 11/17 - Cafeteria Thanksgiving Meal ($3.50)

Thur, 11/19 - Campus Leadership Team Meeting @ 11:30am (Bring Data Analysis Reports)

Thur, 11/19 - Baby Shower for Dona Family foster child 3:30-4:30pm

Thur, 11/19 - Basketball vs Quinlin: Girls-Home; Boys-Away

Fri, 11/20 - Early Dismissal 11:45am (See schedule below)

Mon, 11/23 - Basketball vs Anna: Girls-Home; Boys-Away

Mon-Fri, 11/23-27 - Thanksgiving Break

Early Release Schedule - Friday, 11/20/15

1st pd - 7:50-8:28

2nd pd - 8:32-9:10

3rd pd - 9:14-9:52

4th pd - 9:56-10:30

A Lunch - 10:30-11:00

5th pd A - 11:00-11:40

5th pd B - 10:30-11:10

B Lunch - 11:10-11:40

Bus Dismissal 11:45

Car/Walker Dismissal 11:50


  • First quarter test data analysis reports should be finished up during the Department Meetings on Tuesday so that Department Heads can bring those reports to the Campus Leadership Team meeting on Thursday for review and discussion.
  • S.T.A.R. card students should be released from their class before lunch 2 minutes early each day. We don't want students to bug their teachers about it, but we need you to remember to announce each day when it's time for them to leave class early. This reward is part of the STAR program and is not optional.
  • Please continue to add attachments to your lesson plans each week as part of your electronic portfolio.
  • The LHR book fair will be held the week of November 30th. More details coming soon.


From November 18th through December 18th, staff will need to call Beth Traina to report an absence from duty. Remember that you should put your absence in Aesop before 6:30am as well as notify Beth of the absence. Her cell number is: 469-247-1436
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  • THANK YOU to everyone who stepped up and helped out when Mr. Ron was ill Friday. What an amazing sight to see so many people pulling together to help one of their "family members".
  • BISD Maintenance Dept. recently brought over a floor scrubber machine for our Ron and Sonseea. We are so glad they have better tools to make their jobs a little easier.
  • We appreciate the extra mile every one in our building goes to help out their colleagues and help make this the best school around!
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