This is Shawn Classen reporting to you live in Egypt.

Major things in Egypt

What are Egypts three main crops? Three main crops are sugarcane, grains, and vegetables. What is Egypt know for. Egypt is known for many artifacts such as the Great Pyrmids, the Sphinx, and King Tut. The Pyramids and Sphinx are one of the seven wonders of the world

The people of Egypt

The Bedouins live in the most deserted place in Egypt. There life is very hard. Little water for drinking and growing crops, but the manage to survive. The way they survive is the Nile river. If the river wasn't there they would not be able to survive. They use the silt to grow most of the crops. Where do they get the silt? Every year the Nile floods and leaves particles behind which is great for growing crops.

About me

Egypt is my favorite country. It's my favorite country because of the ancient artifacts found there. The most known ones are the Great Pyramids, and the Sphinx. I would like to learn more about King Tut and how to pyramids were built. The most complex mystery in Egyptian history would be how they built the Pyramids. The block weighed 2.5 tons each which is 9000 lbs.