Repat worldwide is the Funeral shipping wing of HI Flying with the global reach to handle any funeral remains shipping needs that may arise, including shipping of caskets and bodies of the deceased.

With one phone call or email - we can provide you with funeral and remains shipping services anywhere in the world.

From the First contact with us for information to final delivery of your loved one – the process is smooth.

We are an international Mortal remains and funeral shipping specialists, having extensive experience working closely with all consulates and embassies from around the world. This vast experience has enabled our team to cut through the red tape of large formalities and advise our families or companies about different options and the best one to choose.


Our Handling of International Funeral shipping services includes and is not limited to

· Shipping Requirements
Knowing how to deal with each country’s particular shipping requirements is critical in your loved one’s remains reaching their destination.

· Paperwork and Documentation
Understanding and helping to provide the appropriate paperwork and documentation required for international shipping.

· Timing
Ensuring your shipping needs are met in a timely manner as it relates to getting through the different formalities of dealing with other countries.

· Translation
Translation of your documentation into their respective languages.

· Culture and Religions
Understanding of how different religions and cultures approach the funeral and burial process.

· Environmental
Able to convey various travel, time zone and weather conditions to those who need the information.

We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of every Family and Company.

Our ability to do a professional job and save money on shipping expenses and our caring and concern for our families is our top concern.

N Mathew


Our International Shipping Programe includes -

  • * Removal of Deceased mortal remains.
  • * State-of-art refrigeration, Transport and care of the deceased.
  • * Preparation, sealer casket, and shipping container approved by “receiving country”.
  • * Coordination, paperwork completion, approvals from local, state, and “receiving country”.
  • * Booking of all international flights.
  • * Communication with receiving country funeral provider.
  • * Delivery and supervision onto the deceased’s international flight.