Winsor Faculty Update

Late November Edition

School Accountability Ranking

Winsor, for the second consecutive year, has earned 4 of 5 stars via the RIDE Report Card for the 2018-2019 school year. The primary indicators for this are: 1. Scores on RICAS, 2. RICAS Growth, 3. Overall Rates of Student & Staff Absenteeism, and 4. Number of Low Performing Sub Groups.

In each domain, Winsor earned either four or five stars. This is truly news worth celebrating and comes from our continued commitment to our students. As a group, we have worked diligently towards implementation of Responsive Classroom and Collins Writing, as well as the re-launch of My Math. These results show us that having a Growth Mindset truly works. I encourage you to examine the data here:

Instructional Rounds

Thank you for making your class available on Tuesday for our teams. There is much to celebrate and many opportunities for further growth. As we ask our students to display a Growth Mindset, we should model the same in our work.

Items to celebrate include: strong use of Responsive Classroom in many classes, numerous instances of the use of high quality instructional materials, including My Math materials, well established routines, use of the Problem of the Day- including explanations from the notebook, strong transitions, and the continued use of Collins and the relevant FCA's. There were also many examples of differentiation and purposeful student grouping, which allows for greater student control. In addition, where appropriate, the team noticed strategic, high quality examples of RICAS practice.

Areas of opportunity growth include: a longitudinal, K-5 implementation of Responsive Classroom. As I know some staff members have been only recently changed, this will be a process. We ask that everyone just roll up their sleeves, let go of perfection, partner with other staff, and make a concerted effort towards this end. Once we get everyone utilizing RC, our strong growth will only increase. We also have an opportunity for more student rigor in certain areas. One option is to reflect upon how rigor is built into your class and how we can continue to increase the ratio of student talk.

Evaluation Cycle Update

For those in an observation cycle year, please be reminded that completed, finalized SLOs are due by November 30th. In order for me to process and potentially allow feedback and/or time for revisions, please have SLOs submitted by the close of school on Tuesday, October 26th.

Data Days

Data Days are running on Friday, November 22nd and Monday, November 25th. The schedule is here:

Report Cards

The first trimester closes this Friday. Please have all report cards to Lori by 9:00am on Monday, December 4th. Report Cards will be sent home with students on Wednesday, December 5th. I'm linking the assessment schedule for planning purposes.

Science Kits

Our T2 Science kits will be coming to Winsor either on either Monday, November 25th or Tuesday, November 26th.

Thank you for all that you do on behalf of our students. We have taken on many new things, but we have also seen clear progress. We are in this work together. As we stay the course, rally around one another, and continue to see results, we only serve to make the experience for our students even better. Please know that you are appreciated!