Tropical Seasonal Forests 😈

Lets Talk About TSF (Tropical Seasonal Forests)


  • The average annual temperature is over 20 degrees C.
  • The rainfall can vary from less than 50cm/year.
  • savannas would occupy the dryer part of this range.

Most common where biomes occurs

  • India
  • South East Asia
  • West Africa
  • West Indies
  • Northern Australia
  • Southern Mexico
  • Paraguay

Lets learn some more....📚


  1. People have wipe out 99% of forests in some areas.
  2. Many people worldwide live her
  3. Grassy areas with drought resistant trees
  4. Most trees are used for Wood collecting, before they even are grown.
  5. Trees are distant from eachother
  6. If trees don't have enough water,they will attend to lose their leaves.
  7. Some animals are chased out the tropical seasonal forest, so that companies can use the land for their good.
  8. Many people take tours to see a Tropical seasonal forests
  9. Much of Mexico and central America are a tropical seasonal forest.
  10. It never gets cold at a tropical seasonal forest, it's hot year around.

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