Athens or Sparta

Come join Athens

Join Athens the best city-state in Greece.

In Athens we don't really need you to b strong so we don't leave you outside to die if you are a weak baby. Our government isn't like that but some things we both have is an assembly so if you left Sparta to come to Athens you would still have some of the good things from Sparta in Athens.

Join Athens

Come join Athens we let you make the decisions for how you want your government to operate. We are a Democracy and not an Oligarchy with two kings and more than one equal ruler. Athens also chooses 10 very experienced men to lead Greece.



If you are wondering how our learning system works here is some answers for you.

In Athens boys are taught at home until the are around 6 years old. Girls didn't go to school they would learn at home also and they would also learn how t read and write if there mother could do these things.

Values in Athens

In Athens we valued temples, anything involving intellect and wit, art, learning, statues, sport, and gods. We aren't like Sparta and only care if you are strong and care about military.


In Athens we don't teach people to steal for training and don't send every boy into the military once he reaches a certain age. We also don't let anyone go into the government to pass laws we only allow free males over 18 to d it.


Athens s Greece's capital and shows up in many Greek myths. Athens is also one of the oldest cities in the world.