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January 2023 Newsletter

As the holiday season begins to fade in the rear-view mirror, we begin to turn our attention toward the second half of the school year. The next few months will be a busy time at the middle school as we continue to focus on the goals we set for this school year and also begin to plan for the 2022-2023 school year as well. In the coming months, we will be providing details and information on the M-Step/PSAT state assessments being administered this spring and student course selections and scheduling for the next school year. In the meantime, please take a moment to review the following notes and reminders:

  • NWEA Testing

    • Winter NWEA testing will begin January 4th. These web-based, adaptive tests in Reading, Language Usage, and Mathematics are used to measure a student’s growth and progress in each area throughout the school year.

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

    • Winter Parent-Teacher Conferences will again take place in a virtual format as they did in the fall. More information will be coming in early January.

Upcoming Date Reminders

January 16th - No School (Teacher In-Service)

February 10th - Half Day All Students (Teacher In-Service)

February 13th - No School

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Students of the Month


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6th Grade

Luke Darling

Liam Phelps

Mackenzie Seaton

Violet Schoenherr

7th Grade

Peyten Beecherl

Grace Girvin

Edward Marshall

Cole Wakeham

8th Grade

Gabriel Aiello

Travis Corey

Peyten Goike

Landyn McDevitt

Congratulations to our 2022 Amvet Essay Winners!

"What does Freedom Look Like?" was the theme for the essay written by these Armada Middle School students who were selected as the winners in their respective classes.
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Adolescent Outreach Counseling

This is a counseling service provided by Macomb Family Services. A certified counselor from Macomb Family Services can confidentially meet with your child at AMS once a week for eight weeks free of charge. If you would like to take advantage of this program, please email Mrs. Husken at


Mrs. Husken and Mrs. Norrod have been working with students using Xello. Xello is an online program set up for students of all ages. It uses a series of assessments to match up student interests and strengths with possible careers, including job descriptions, daily tasks, education required, and salary. All students have a single sign in through their armadanow Google accounts so they can access Xello online at home. We encourage all parents to explore the website with their child.

Communication is Key

For some AMS students, facing responsibility is a daily challenge. If your child struggles academically and routinely states that “they have no homework,” “they did it all in class,” and/or “have all their assignments turned in,” double-check with Schoology, PowerSchool, and teacher websites. You can check on their assignments and grades and then e-mail staff members from the PowerSchool site or call and leave voicemail messages on their phones. Come and check with the AMS office if you need a password and/or username for PowerSchool. If you do not have online access, please call or drop by the office and ask for a list of staff phone numbers.

Armada Middle School Lunch Menu

Please click HERE to see the lunch menu for January!

AMS Robotics, Team 14706, Wins State Championship

Each season more than 500 middle school teams in the state are presented with the season’s challenge/game in September at kickoff. The challenge this season is titled Power Play (click to learn more) which had teams competing to stack cones on junctions ranging from just a few inches off the playing field to junctions almost 3 feet tall. Teams then spend the next three months strategizing, designing, engineering, and iterating their robots while making connections with companies in the STEM field, conducting community outreaches, and raising funds to compete against fierce competition for a chance to reach the State Championship.

This season the Pi-Gears were made up of 15 members: Alayna Marecki, Presleigh Butkovitch, James Schommer, Jack Ayers, Nate Spencer, Ella Lain, Madison Lentz, Ashley Goretski, Natalie Hermann, Declan Poole, Luke Trupiano, Brian Langmesser, Connor McClear, Cooper Phipps, and Abby Gonzalez.

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To reach the State Championship, the team competed in two qualifying tournaments at North Branch and Troy. At North Branch the team made the playoffs as the 3rd seed, but lost in the semis. However, the team won the Innovate Award, placed 2nd for the Inspire Award, and advanced to the State Championship tournament. Looking to show progress after North Branch, the team made some strides going into the Troy tournament. These strides saw the Pi-Gears making the playoffs again, this time winning the tournament while posting new high scores. On top of the tournament win, the Pi-Gears also earned the Motivate Award for their outreach and connections made amongst the STEM community.

Entering the State of Michigan FTC Championship the Pi-Gears competed against 71 other Michigan teams over two days. Following qualification matches, the team entered the playoffs as the #4 seeded alliance in the division. Competing as the fourth seeded alliance the Pi-Gears took on the division’s #1 seed, ultimately winning a really tough match-up in 4 games. From there, the team swept the division finals and the interdivision finals each in two games to become Michigan FTC State Champions!

It was truly a team effort that started well before the season’s game reveal in September. This team has accomplished not only earning the first State Championship for the middle school, but can also say they conducted 18 different outreach activities reaching more than 2,000 people ranging in age from pre-k to adult. As part of these outreaches, the team was able to help start 2 additional FIRST Lego League teams at Krause Elementary and advocate for robotics programs working through US Senator Gary Peters and his representatives. To top it off, the team was able to gain sponsorships from SAIC, Prosper Tech Machine & Tool, Ford, Intrepid IT, Henshaw, and more totaling $6,000.

These accomplishments, and the ones since the start of the program in 2018, have made Armada one of the top tier FTC robotics programs in the state of Michigan! The Pi-Gears are now well-known in the Michigan FTC community, and plan to continue to work in-order to sustain these successes over the coming years.

It’s now the off-season where the team will work on projects, outreaches, learning, and recruiting for team spots for the 2023-2024 season! Look out for opportunities that will be offered to students to participate in team held workshops and to apply/try-out for a team spot on the 2023-2024 Pi-Gears robotics team.

Extra Curricular Eligibility Policy for Armada Middle School

This year we will continue using portions of the Armada High School Extracurricular Eligibility Policy. The purpose of using this policy is to help middle school students prepare for the rigors of high school and develop an understanding of tracking their academic progress. We want students to enrich their middle school experience through clubs, athletic teams, and dances, but the primary focus of school will remain academics.

The policy requires students to have a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) in order to participate in extracurricular activities. Grades will be checked every Friday morning and students will be notified by the end of the day of their ineligible status. Students will be granted a one-time warning, giving them an opportunity the following week to improve their academic standing.

Citizenship and behavioral reporting will also play a role in eligibility. If a student receives two or more poor citizenship marks on a progress report, report card, or weekly report, they will be ineligible. The Acceptable Behavior Program point system will also be used, as in the past. Students who have three (3) points will also be considered ineligible.

We hope the eligibility policy develops responsibility in our students and encourages a sense of Tiger Pride in daily academic effort and citizenship.

Armada Parent Group

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are gearing up for a fantastic new year!

The next meeting for the AMS Parent Group will be Monday, January 23 at 7 pm in the Tiger Den, Room 25, of the middle school.

The Parent Group will be hosting a school wide dance in February so please attend if you’d like to help plan the specifics for the dance!

Friday candy sales are still happening weekly and we also have some pride wear available too!

Please see our Facebook Page for more updates!!

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