Today's Agenda

Friday, January 23, 2015

Morning Message

Good Morning Bobcats!

We are going to try something new today! This is called a Smore! It will tell you everything you need to do today! Aren't Friday's great? We get to try new and exciting thing!

Specials today is your Monday Specials.

We will have guest teacher this afternoon (she will be teaching and exciting math lesson with me!). That will be at 1:40, so we need everything done before then!

Ms. Robbins

Morning Routine

  1. Turn in planner.
  2. Get breakfast.
  3. Put your things away.
  4. Get technology.
  5. Take lunch count.
  6. Go to the Smore. I have emailed you the link!

Technology Survey

Please click HERE. This is a survey about how we use technology in school. Thanks!

Wolf Research

Please complete your Google Slide for the Wolf research. We will be sharing later today. It MUST be done today!!!!

If you created your own please put it in the folder with your name on it in Google Drive.

Achieve 3000

Go to Achieve 3000 and do the article on The Plastic Problem. Remember to do the Thought Question!

Fast Math

Complete 2 lesson please!

Kind Deed Writing

Please make the Flee map for you kind deed writing. Look at the chart that I have made for your template.

Topic 8 Assessment

Please go to Pearson Realize and take the Topic 8 Assessment. Don't worry it is only 14 questions! You guys ROCK!
Big image

Visible Thinking

See, Think, Wonder

The Earth is revolving around the sun at about 67,000 miles per hour! Whew, that is FAST!

The Earth is rotating at about 1,000 miles per hour. Are you dizzy?


Look at the picture above. Go to Padlet and tell me the following things.

I see....

I think...

I wonder...