1. Life as a Woman

Life as a woman in The Middle Ages is very different.

2. Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is a 1,000 year period that followed The Fall of Rome.

2. Woman

A Woman is an adult female person (Dictionary.com).

3. Each woman in The Middle Ages had a different occupation. Some women were Blacksmiths, Merchants, and Apothecaries. Yet other women prepared themselves for battle so they could protect their home or castle (Annenberg Learner).

4. It should come as no surprise that women, whether they were nobles or peasants, held a difficult position in society. They were largely confined to household tasks such as cooking, baking bread, sewing, weaving, and spinning (Annenberg Learner).

4. Some women were known as witches, capable of sorcery and healing. Others became nuns and devoted their lives to God and spiritual matters (Annenberg Learner).

5. What were some household tasks women were largely confined to?

5. What did women become that involved devoting their life to God?

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