Just plant it

First, you need to prepare your soil and sculpt beds or rows and your garden must be ready to plant.

Secondly, choose what type of seed you want to plant.

Thirdly, know your planting zone to ensure that you are putting your seeds into the ground at the right time of the season.

Fourth, begin planting your seeds by marking the soil in rows.

Next, water the seeds if the ground is dry so it doesn't die.

Right before your last step, cover the seeds with soil, a light covering for small seeds and more soil for larger seeds.

Lastly, gently firm the ground over the seeds with your hand or planting tool, and water the bed of seeds with a light spray.


You should read locomotion because its interesting, sad, and exciting. It gets interesting in the middle of the book a kid gets a disease and you don't know what type of disease and whats going to happen if hes going to go to the hospital or if he cant come back to school for a long time.

Locomotion has this part in the book that is sad and the part was that locomotion's house caught on fire and you don't know whose in the fire and so locomotion gets depressed because someone was in the fire and it was very sad and exciting.

In general i think you should read this book. Its an awesome book to read .


Friday, June 5th, 9-11pm

off of county road

Your invited to see the eclipse at Moon Shadow Park on June 5th at 9:00pm to 11:00pm. The park is located off of county road if you need further directions or more information please contact John or 555-moon.

john and his family are hosting an eclipse party and we want to share this special event with you. Since the eclipse wont happen until late we will grill food and smores. We hope everyone will be able to make it and share with us this very special event.