Please Stop Laughing At Me

not everyone is perfect



Jodee Blanco, a teenage girl who is getting severely bullied. She constantly is moving schools because it is getting to the point where it is extremely bad. She soon gets checked out because her parents think it is best. According to the kids at her schools the kids think she is an unusual kid, just from little things like one of her breasts being smaller than the other. pg. 197 "But one morning i wasn't fast enough. Shanon catches a glimpse of my breasts before i have a chance to cover them. She bursts out laughing and calls me a freak. She says no one will ever love me, or marry me, and that i will die a virgin. You're Gods biggest mistake she sings." She is not very confident with herself when it comes to going to school. Jodee is very smart and gets accepted into spelling bees, competitions, etc. Jodee likes to be by herself a lot of the time. Jodee 's family feel really bad for her and feels the need to get her help. pg. 74.
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conflict/ resolution

The conflict/ resolution is character vs society because she is getting bullied with the society; with the people in it, she gets bullied with the people at her school everyday. pg.125 " I froze with fear. Walking in the halls had become an exercise in terror. "


Theme: Never judge someone on how they look because there life could be very different from yours.

textual evidence

Textual Evidence when jodee pulled a butcher knife from the drawer and said that she is going to cut out Dara's heart, and the hearts of everyone else who hurt me. She said she wants to kill them like they are killing her. She then took the knife and began cutting her face with it.

words that got my attention

  • There going to pay
  • I want to kill them like there killing me
  • I am going to cut out Dara's heart and everyone else that is hurting me

I thought this was the most meaningful quote of the book because she almost committed suicide and that would of been a big part of the book.

Mean girls bully video for my school



i rated this book a 4 because i thought it was a really good job explaining what bullying really is, and that you should not bully. Also that i liked how she changed schools because of this problem and how her parents thought it was best she got checked. But what i did not like is how she didn't stand up for herself and what she believed in.