Malaki Sturgill

Origen and Hostory

The origan of the the Erhu is in China.The xiqin is believed to have originated from the Xi people of Central Asia, and have come to China in the 10th century. Erhuwith liu jiao qin tong. The first Chinese letter of the name of the instrument is believed to come from the fact that it has two strings.

What is it made of?

    The erhu's bow is made of reed strung with horsehair. The bow hairs are put between the two strings that are made of silk (or they used to), steel, or steel Wrapped in nylon. Today's erhu probably evolved from several different kinds of stringed instruments. Like guitars for instance.


You will have a minute a nd thirty seconds to make a model of a Erhu with the things in front of you sciccors are provided if needed